Celebrate a Homegrown Christmas with Bo's Coffee

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Bo's Coffee Founder and CEO Steve Benitez is a man of passion. 

After opening the first Bo's Coffee branch 18 years ago as a small start-up business, and fast forward to now where he has over 58 stores and counting, he's still very much driven by his love for coffee that inspires. After traveling the world and encountering many coffee cultures abroad, Steve Benitez believes that there is no need to look far and wide for an incredible coffee source-- the best is right here, in the Philippines.

Bo's Coffee has been a firm advocate of homegrown coffee for awhile now, strengthening their core identity as a pure homegrown brand while establishing a wider market reach. They have actively engaged farmers from different indigenous communities nationwide in planting and growing 100% Arabica beans, one of the most highly-prized beans in the coffee industry. It is definitely comforting to note that we are supporting the local enterprise with every sip.

During the press gathering, Mr. Benitez mentioned that he has one firm goal in mind, and that is to elevate Philippine coffee to the global market. However, we must all first be proactive "ambassadors" of our own coffee. Very aptly said.

Kudos to Bo's Coffee and Mr. Benitez for such a great endeavor!
Christmas sweets and their signature Artisanal Hot Chocolate! Best friggin' hot chocolate drink ever. I kid you not.
Sweets worth instagramming! Haha
Too pretty for words! These special tumblers are incredible and inspiring especially in person!
Bo's Coffee Founder and CEO Steve Benitez talks about his passion for startup businesses and homegrown coffee.


Spend a truly meaningful homegrown Christmas by rallying to collect something very special (move over, planners!) and celebrates our colorful culture and national pride-- the Bo's Coffee Origins Fabric Patch Tumbler! Developed with their social and culture enterprise partner Anthill Fabric Gallery, these super limited edition tumblers mix both culture and great talent by showcasing works of weavers from indigenous communities over the country. I don't know what's worth more collecting than that!

These beautiful tumblers feature a variety of fabrics from Sagada, Benguet, Mt. Matutum, Mt. Kitanglad, and Mt. Apo where Bo's Coffee sources its purely Pinoy 100% Arabica beans. Some of the featured fabrics in the tumblers include Paracelis, Bontoc, Kinan-ew, and Abra patterns representing the Cordillera regions of Sagada and Benguet; the Abaca Pinanggabol made of abaca/hemp and woven by the Daraghuyan-Bukidnon tribe from Mt. Kitanglad; and the famous T’nalak created by the dream weavers of South Cotabato, linking it to the origins of Mt. Apo and Mt. Matutum.

I commend Bo's Coffee and Anthill Fabric Gallery for this incredibly sweet and socially-conscious collaboration!



bloggers and print media representatives during the press event (me on the farthest left side, hehe!) -- we all got to take home our own Fabric Patch Tumbler! Happy joy joy!

Bo's Coffee customers must collect 12 stickers on their Christmas Cheer Card at every minimum purchase of P250 at any Bo’s Coffee outlet. The tumblers are easily up for grabs by topping up cash after collecting 4-8 stickers. Everyone has until January 15, 2014 to collect their stickers. The limited edition Coffee Origin Patch Tumblers may be redeemed until March 16, 2014.

Thank you Bo's Coffee for having us! :)

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