SPLURGE vs STEAL #1: Celine-Inspired Tricolor Trapeze Bag by Persunmall

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On the course of staying true to my super frugal yet fashion-forward self, I've decided to introduce "SPLURGE vs STEAL" write-ups here on the blog. Some of my favorite segments in magazines are always "look for less" or "steal that style" spreads-- I've always loved and appreciated how some editors make the effort to have style be accessible somehow for those of us on a budget. While I still believe in saving up for the real thing, it helps to have stylish alternatives we can afford while waiting, right?

The lovely people at Persunmall sent me an item of choice to review, and I went for the lovely Celine-inspired Tricolor Trapeze bag. I have fallen in love with the Celine bag since the moment I laid eyes on it--the design is very fresh yet has classic lines to last for years. Celine has been churning out IT bag after IT bag, but this one has to be my favorite. Considering that it is an obvs knockoff, I had set pretty low expctations, but boy, was I very, very surprised when I got the package!

this picture doesn't do the bag justice!
super roomy inside
no stitch out of place; durable, shiny gold hardware


  • The bag looks really, really good even for an inspired-by piece. It doesn't look cheap or
    feel cheap.
  • The quality is impressive-- the bag is durably structured, the stitching is really good, and the hardware is shiny and non-tarnishing
  • The blue suede is really pretty!
  • Very roomy; can accomodate a LOT of things
  • Definite conversation piece
  • Does NOT bear a fake Celine label (which I would've hated as I hate "branded" knockoffs)
  • Overall a good value for money at $60
  • It's not the real thing :( 
  • It's made of PU/faux leather material, so it will give at some point
  • Though it doesn't feel gingery or flimsy, I'm still afraid to overload it with so much weight (but this is true no matter what bag I guess)

I'm personally happy with this bag. I've been using it on a nearly daily rotation with my other bags these days. And though I have not given up on hoping for my first real-deal Celine someday (hey, its free to dream, right?), I think I'm good for the meantime :)

What about YOU? Would you SPLURGE or STEAL? Weigh in on the comments below! xx

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