A Sporting Life

6:10 AM

Chicnova '85' tee | NastyGal contrast leather biker jacket | Forever21 mesh pencil skirt | Charles and Keith flared gusset bag

all photos by Thaad A Sabolboro

Augh! Sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately, you guys. Juggling quite a number of pending reviews and other backlogged posts. Kapoy jud kaayo usahay bitaw kung magpatung-patung na imong kailangan suwaton :(( (translation: I'm a little exhausted. haha.) I've taken quite a number of outfit shots that are awaiting their light of day. Weeeell, getting rid of one backlog a day, as ush...

Aside from the obvs reference to my sporty look in this post (haha sorry for the Hermes tagline use, lol) I've really literally quite led "a sporting life" of some sort-- I have been taking my personal fitness goals quite seriously and have been cross-training for almost a month now. It's been a good journey so far, but it does get super painful sometimes. I haven't lost a f**kton of weight yet, but I AM feeling huge changes with my levels of energy and strength. And yes, seeing a bit of muscle tone! Once I start making a lot of progress I'll make sure to blog about it sometime.:) 

i look so galit masyadow! haha dunno why :/

Share with me your personal fitness goals and stories-- I've installed Disqus so it will make chatting a lot easier. Thanks for visiting! :))

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