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hm parka with leather sleeves, hm tassel crossbody bag, bucco ankle booties, steve madden sweater tights,
michigan fashion blogger, midwest fashion blogger, chic in the tropics, sweater dress, leather sleeved parka
hat, Nava | parka with leather sleeves (similar) and tassel crossbody bag, H & M | sweater dress, Forever 21 | sweater tights, Steve Madden | black booties, Bucco

This is probably one of my outfit shots post-partum where I seem to be at my biggest (though to be fair, I have lost 5 pounds since these shots were taken!), and while I'm certainly far from my ideal weight class, I couldn't be any more proud of myself. I'm raising a bouncy, beautiful 3-month old, all while balancing career and personal goals. And while I still feel pangs of insecurity whenever I inspect my thicker calves and flabby stomach, that feeling immediately gets eradicated the moment I come home to my son. Although there are no promises that I'll ever get my old physical self back, I also wouldn't trade motherhood for anything.:)

For now, I'll continue working hard at regaining my physical strength, and hopefully, everything else will follow!

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