Throwback Outfit: Leather Paperbag Shorts and Flame Red Hair

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Romwe leather paperbag shorts, Aeropostale top, Janilyn white pumps, Charles and Keith flared gusset bag

Another throwback outfit taken right before we left the Philippines. A few months before we left, we just got incredibly busy scuttling back and forth Manila and Cebu to finish my immigration paperwork, I hardly had any time to update this blog. Another set of photos of my pre-pregnancy self -- will I ever get to look this okay in shorts again? Haha! I should certainly hope so since spring has officially started in my neck of the woods. I actually brought these shorts with me to the US -- maybe I'll do a "postpartum wardrobe" challenge?

These days, it truly amuses me to see how my hair used to always drastically change a lot. I loved playing with color and different looks, and yes, salon trips back in the Philippines weren't that awful on my wallet. Here, a good full treatment would cost you upwards from $50-$200, so needless to say, I haven't had my hair touched in a LONG time. I just let my hair grow out (since I was pregnant anyway), but I believe it is high time to get something fabulous done. I more than deserve it, anyway. Should I go back to this hairstyle and color? Decisions, decisions!

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