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If you'll Google the words "best restaurants in Grand Rapids" or "best breakfast places in West Michigan", chances are you'll find Cherie Inn high in the recommendations list. Rated an average of 4.6 in just about everywhere (Google Reviews, Restaurant.com, Yelp.com, among others), Cherie Inn is definitely quite something. A couple of weeks ago, the fambam (my sibs-in-laws the Jewells, my baby and the hubs) and I trooped over to Cherie Inn in Eastown Grand Rapids for what I was told was exceptional breakfast food-- and yes, exceptional was an understatement! Grand Rapids and tourists from all over have been loyal to Cherie Inn since 1924 when it first opened, so that says a lot about how great the food is.

We tried the specials for the week-- coconut french toast made with English muffin bread and topped with strawberries and powdered sugar (Clay), Hawaiian scramble with Blackforest Ham and a side of sweet toasted Hawaiian bread (yours truly), spicy Cajun shrimp Benedict (Gem), and cheesy poached eggs on spinach (Thaad).. If you didn't know that there were a million and one ways to jazz up your favorite breakfast foods, then Cherie Inn is a place you should definitely visit!

Though we left with sated appetites, we definitely want to come back for more. Can't wait for our next trip to Grand Rapids and Cherie Inn! :)

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