Family Funday at The Detroit Zoo

7:00 PM

Nothing else signals the start of "going out" season (spring, of course!) like taking the family out to see some adorable animals! A couple of months ago, the fambam took our tiny little babies to check out the Detroit Zoo, which just opened for the spring season -- I've been wanting to check out the zoo since we got to Michigan as I've heard nothing but good things about it. And also, seeing a giraffe alive and in the flesh was such an exciting prospect for me! We did have a ton of fun and we did get to visit a lot of the sections, but unfortunately it ended up being a really chilly day still and we couldn't stay that long (Michigan weather, what can you do?). And no giraffe sighting for me, for now! Totally planning to swing by sometime this summer though to finally meet that giraffe. You best be looking out, adorable long-necked animal!

Pro-tip: the Detroit Zoo is HUGE so you have to wear comfortable shoes and bring something to quench that thirst. Take it from me, I came unprepared, definitely learned the hard way.

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