The Art of Letting Go: Starting the Keepsake Box

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Today, I confronted something any parent would have a bit of a tough time handling: seeing a lot of your baby's newborn items packed away, ready to be given to someone else. We had intended to send a balikbayan box over to the Philippines, and a lot of the items were for an aunt of mine who was expecting a baby boy. Although I had already prepped my son's items quite awhile ago, it's impossible not to feel a tinge of sadness and nostalgia once you realize it's a permanent goodbye. You get to remember them drooling all over themselves in that jumpsuit, or eating their first bowl of cereal with that bib... ugh, pardon me if I'm getting a tad bit emotional right now!

But then again, things are just things, right? At some point you're gonna have to let go of some of them and just relish the memories for what they were. We also don't have much room, and of course we're psyched for my aunt's new baby boy and to be able to help build up his wardrobe! So I did the sensible thing and started what I always wanted to do: a simple box of keepsakes.

I grabbed an old Tory Burch tall boot shoebox, which was just the right size that I needed, and also it looked pretty sturdy.  Here's what I have in so far: 

His most memorable articles of clothing: I made sure I kept pieces from only the most important moments, such as his hospital discharge outfit and the snowsuit he frequently wore. My son was born in winter, so this was really helpful.

Cards from our loved ones. Of course! No keepsake box is complete without them.

Baptism clothes and memorabilia. seriously, how cute was my son's suit?!

Mommies, have you started your own keepsake boxes yet? Suggestions on what else to add?

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one as per ush! :)

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