strawberry moment + "for your information" MV

12:22 AM

Me, Chloe Palang and Badidi Labra---Cookout 2011 Hosts. I'm wearing my thrifted leather vest, assorted accessories, shoes from Gold Dot, and jumpsuit from Simon. Props to Dominic Sy and Joel de Silva for the hair and make-up, and Yves for styling. Thank you Dominic for the shots!

Just wanted to quickly let you all know that I'm having such a hoot with my awesome new bipolar-ish Nicki Minaj-ish hair! After the colorist applied the first layer of bleach (to strip the old color and the new black roots) when I had my hair retouched, I kind of didn't mind the results. I thought I'd just try it out for a few days and if it ceases to be amusing, I can always go back and have the red applied. Haha.

The other day I got to test it out finally during our promotional photoshoot for Cookout 2011. Cookout is one of the biggest collegiate events in Cebu and is presented by my alma mater, University of the Philippines-Cebu College. After hosting it in 2007, I'm hosting it again this year so I'm very stoked.:) The revelry happens this August 12 already so if you're in Cebu, please don't miss it! More BTS shots of our shoot to come.

I also want to share with you guys this awesome, awesome music video of "For Your Information", the first track from Bunny's hot new album!

Bunny, an alum from the hit TV show "Pinoy Dream Academy", is set to become the country's newest and hottest singing sensation with her upcoming album. This catchy track was also penned and produced by critically-acclaimed songwriting and producing duo, Jaye Muller and Ben Patton, who has done work with the likes of Nikki Gil and KC Concepcion, among others.

Oh, and this video is directed by one of my main boys, Andrew Singco. Watch as his face gets smashed in with a cake in the video. HO-larious.

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  1. i like the new color Eden!
    i won't be surprised if i see you sporting a platinum blonde hair one day!
    very nice music video! the singer looks like Stacie Orico!

  2. i love the outfit changes of the MV! i am so enticed to have my hair bleached!

  3. I like the's a nice change. if only my hair can stand bleaching. and i'm really coveting that vest!!!

  4. Rockin outfit. Oh and I totally give you props for the bad-ass haircut. :-)

  5. weee. u changed ur hairstyle... the color suits u well... its so flamboyant. :D

  6. Love the new colour, although we aint red hair buddies anymore!

    I loveeeeee that leather vest, its beautiful!

  7. I really that leopard over-all suit. Rockin'hot! What's your lipstick btw? Lovet.

  8. I loooove your hair, Eden! It looks good in actual jud! :]
    Oh, and by the way, I love Nicki Minaj. So now I know, where you got your inspiration ;p

  9. You look gorgeous!! Love your style!!
    great pictures!



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