Laura Mercier: Flawless Hits Rustan's Cebu

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A lot of ladies know that the brand Laura Mercier sets the bar high when it comes to all things beauty-related and enhancing women features naturally. Though it may be on the tier of what could be considered "pricey" , or "high-end" I think the brand has long proven that the customers get their money's worth. Some friends sing high praises have been singing praises about the brands wonders.

I had the opportunity to check out Laura Mercier during their "Flawless Hits Cebu" mini-event in Rustan's Cebu to celebrate one of their banner products: the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer.

As an advocate of foundation myself, I've always wondered if a primer is an absolute necessity and if it actually makes a lot of difference. Laura Mercier, herself a makeup artist, had these things to say about the importance of foundation primers:
  1. They allow foundation to "stay put" in hot weather.
  2. Help prevent skin from absorbing talc and pigment from your foundation as well as preventing talc from drawing oil from the skin.
  3. They contain botanicals such as lavender, orange, jasmine, rose, geranium, grape, kiwi and aloe extracts to soothe and refresh the skin.
So there. I tried the 15-day sized primer that was given away during the event, and while I can't say that it was a HUGE difference, I noticed that my foundation stayed put much longer and my pores seemed smaller. Verdict? I'd say go for it. The Laura Mercier Flawless Primer currently comes in six variations: Broad Spectrum SPF30 PA++, Basic, Radiance, Mineral, Hydrating and Oil-Free.

A makeup event wouldn't be complete without some goodies! Here's what I got pre-event:

 Gotta love a personalized invite :)
 The rest of the Laura Mercier goodies: two Creme lipsticks, lip glacé, Eyeshadow Trio shades of purple and lavender, Eyeshadow Primer and the complimentary 15-day foundation primer tube.
Yummy Laura Mercier Creme Lipsticks in Roman Moon and Pink Label. Really smooth and hydrating!
Many, many thanks to Rustan's Philippines/Cebu and Laura Mercier Philippines for these.
Laura Mercier is exclusively available at all Rustan's outlets. 

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  1. I've been wanting to try Laura Mercier but they're a bit expensive for me I hope I can buy a product from them soon. I've read a lot of good feedback for the brand :) Love your loot especially the Creme Lippies :)


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