Topshop Cebu Gets Even More Awesome

11:48 AM

Yes, Topshop in Ayala Cebu is closed for the meantime (and so are a lot of the stores, but more of the expansion details soon! I have a separate post about that.).:(( It's going to be several weeks of waiting for the branch's "renovation" to wrap up so to speak.

But don't you worry, dear fans of UK's most favorite high street brand-- the brand IS gearing up for something really big. I hate to be a spoilsport, but...

Tadaaaaaa (as if the signs in Ayala are hard to miss hehe)!!

After quite an arduous wait, Topman is finally coming to Cebuano shores, very much to the glee of stylish boys all over the island. I personally find Topman more relatable sometimes, to be honest-- I love their easy tees, urban/edgy accessories and headpieces. As much of a fan as I am of Topshop, I cannot friggin wait for the stylish brother to get here! The store space is being revamped and is expected to resume its operations come October.

For the meantime, hold on to your horses and your wallets-- for certain well all do quite a bit of shopping when the two superstores open up shop together.:)

Before wrapping up, I'd very much like to thank Topshop Philippines, the SSI and their PR arm Sehralco for letting me get a bit of shopping done which I did, thankfully, during the 50%off sale. Stuff I got:

Snakeskin boxy bag, cropped top and leather woven flats-- all at 50% off yay. Also got a totally useful journal from them:)

Truly grateful! I hope you guys are as excited about Topshop x Topman here in Cebu as I am:)

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