OOTD: Electric Pink

11:27 PM

Basic white tee, Fruit of the Loom | Moto vest in white courtesy of The Nerve Clothing | electric pink beanie from Eva of Creative Caprice | ankle-strap pumps from Asianvogue Shop | leather bandage skirt with side slits, Forever 21 | Monogram necklace, ONecklace | studded Rocco-inspired leather bag, Staccato 

I never thought the day would come where I would proudly wear something very, very...pink. I think we both have a mutual dislike for each other, haha. I kinda grew up with a natural aversion to overtly feminine, frilly things, which is weird considering some of the ladies I'm closest to wear florals and head-to-toe pink on the regular. I guess polar opposites do attract in that sense.

Once in awhile though, I encounter pieces that challenge my "fundamental" sensibilities, and I could most def say that about this shocking pink beanie from Creative Caprice. Since I wear black, white and black/white most of the time, this adds a good focal point. Plus points for beanies being the perf "sucky hair day" accessory, right?

I also would love to send a super special thank you high five to the girls over at The Nerve Clothing for sending in this bitchin' crisp white moto vest from their collection as a gift. Very much wanted and tried to order it, but TNC decided to ship it as a present instead along with a few things, which was quite an unexpected treat. Presents aside, I've been a HUGE fan of their shop for awhile now for being on-the-pulse with what's trendy-- and offering lower-priced quality alternatives. Decided to wear it with my new Forever 21 leather skirt with slits, which I got on super super sale. Seriously, how awesome is Forever 21 when they go on sale? I always make a beeline for the leather items as they are usually the most discounted.

Thank you once again Creative Caprice and The Nerve Clothing!:)

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  1. Omggggggg I'm drooling over your Moto Jacket Miss Eden!

    Love your outfit! I think this was the one that I saw on Sunstar lifestyle feature when you attended a press conference. ;)

    Ericka of http://behappyblue.blogspot.com

  2. Love this outfit!! Obsessed with monochrome but the pop of pink is lush! ZARA FOREVER!! haha i adore that store!!

    Great post!! http://sophie-henderson.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. I didn't know you got this skirt from F21! It looks so bad-ass and I kinda love the pop of bright pink. <3


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