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While uprooting your whole life to move to a completely different country seems like a romantic, idealistic adventure for some people, it was something I was really not ready for. Although I already knew that my husband intended to bring me to the US sometime in the future, dealing with it as it was happening was a completely different thing. It hurt having to say goodbye to so many things: a career I toiled really hard for the past few years, cheaper everything, a city I never really left for longer than two weeks, our dog which we had to leave behind, my family, and friends that were practically family to me. Ah, the friends. That was very tough (although I don't really show it, old friends!) for me, as I've become increasingly insular lately and struggled to meet new people. 

Well,thank my lucky stars for social media then, because after more than a year of being here, I finally found some new kindred spirits in the area!

Can't wait to stop by Gold Cash Gold sometime!

My gorgeous and talented boos Madinah Muhammad and Leah Rashad of Beauty and the Muse

Jordan is as smart as she is stylishly beautiful. Check her out over at Lil Miss JB Style !

Leah is fierce and unapologetic about it. Instant attraction to this awesome gal! 

The boo Leah V and I

You're missing out on a lot if you haven't met these two!

 After several exchanged Instagram posts and a fashion show, I finally got the chance to meet these three ladies in person and found out just how much we all shared in common. Leah, Jordan and Madinah are kindred spirits in terms of our mutual love for fashion, beauty, and the desire to get out there and create amazing things. These three are also some of the most genuine, passionate and driven individuals I've met in my life, which made me naturally gravitate to them. It takes awhile for me to warm up to people usually, but these three are the bee's knees.

Can't wait to explore this newfound friendship with these amazing stylistas-- we have a lot of things planned for the Detroit fashion scene for sure!

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