My Kind of Prom Dresses: Blue Hues and Understated Elegance

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If you were to ask me, I've spent the last five or so years being relatively happy with the style choices I've made for the big, sweeping events and moments in my life. I almost always  prefer simple yet structured pieces, things I've probably had sitting in my closet for awhile, which I could easily accentuate with some statement shoes and accessory pieces. However, if there's one past occasion that I wish I could do a well-deserved do-over, I would probably choose my high school senior prom. Granted, this was over a decade ago (pre-Instagram and before the days of really trendy teenagers!), and it's waaaay past regrets, but still, I would've liked to have worn something different that day. I wore a nondescript, corseted turquoise blue column rental that had absolutely no flair or personality. And while I am absolutely okay with the fact that I was a plus-sized kid all throughout high school, this gown literally did nothing to flatter my teenage shape in any way. I mean, it's just one of those things that you know you could've chosen better. 

Girls these days are EXTREMELY lucky when it comes to options, options, options - back then, it definitely was slim pickings where special occasion dresses are concerned. If my high school senior prom happened now, I would probably go for royal or midnight blue with impeccable tailoring, choice embellishments,  and just the right amount of skin. I partnered with PICKEDRESSES to check out some options I loved on their website.  Here are a few favorites: 


I'm not really all about tube dresses, but the gorgeous geometric beadwork and that gorgeous fabric speaks to me!

I'm a sucker for midnight blue-- and that lace detailing, though!

I probably won't get past the school board and their strict prom gown rules, but hey, if the night calls for a full-on Beyonce, I would so do this number!

Taylor Swift vibes aside, I'm feeling this simple, vibrant blue structured piece.

Feeling these blue dresses? Check out for a wide array of designer-inspired blue prom dresses that fit your budget and personal style! Just in time for the holiday or 2016 prom season!


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