OUTFIT: Prefall Daze

5:46 PM

The sun sets a tad bit earlier, and the mornings are getting quite a bit more chilly... hold up, when did we get this close to fall? 

Jord Fieldcrest WatchRocksbox's  Elise M Athena Necklace in Black Druzy and F21 necklaces layered together (also, can you spy the Ecru Metal double ring and my own black diamond engagement ring?)

H&M tassel crossbody, Zara oversized blazer, ASOS black fedora hat

F21 longline dress, Romwe leather paneled pants, Report Signature Toby booties

I'm sure you've all heard of the age old saying that time flies when you're having a lot of fun. Considering that 2015 is definitely a step up from 2014, it definitely was loads more fun, and yes, it flew by pretty fast for me. I mean, I was new to the country, had zero friends, and was heavily pregnant... I know I don't have to describe how that felt because I know you guys get it.:) It seems like yesterday when I waddled, literally waddled around at work with my heavy 8-month old pregnancy belly, and now, that same little guy I was carrying around in that aforementioned belly is now crawling around and wreaking havoc all over the house. Isn't life weird and grand?

There's definitely been a lot of welcome changes in my life lately, and I wish I could update you all with the specifics, but I'm sure you all sense that I'm in a much more awesome state. I don't have my driver's license yet, but I am getting quite a bit comfortable cruising around town with my learner's permit, so it should be aaany day now when I'll try for that license. I don't have as many friends as I did back home, but I'm okay with the few newfound friends I have-- I actually found a small blogging family here where I am (more details later!). And while the production company we've started hasn't exacctly rolled in the dough yet, it is slowly but surely getting there. So yay, 2015. There's always going to be challenges, but I firmly believe that it does get better.

Till the next post -- the baby boy is now taking apart the stack of books I carefully piled under my work desk, haha. Pre-toddlers are fuuuuuun. :P Thanks for stopping by!

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