5:03 AM

wearing Yves Identify Filipiniana couture, assorted baubles, Guess heels

Yves @ work on his creation
with Guenny of ProjectEvents Cebu and Frank Einstein of KB 92.3

Anyone who visits my blog can see that I favour the edgy and the unconventional. I shaved off a quarter of my hair , I wear boots and 5-inchers even while traipsing the city or riding a jeepney, and i infuse a bit of Day-Glo in my closet of black and gray staples--that's just the way I am. I like to play with looks and I refuse to be boring. My choices are not always met with raves, but I don't really think about that simply because I've got a lot ot be thankful for--a working environment where I am judged based on skill, true friends who accept me whether I look fabulous or shiteous, and a boyfriend who sees who I really am through my insane hair. Life may throw me a lot of rocks, but yes, I can't complain. I will carry on being crazy with gusto.

But part of the responsibility I do carry is to clean up and clean up well whenever a gig calls for it. When a hosting job early this month called for me to wear Filipiniana (one of our country's traditional costumes for women) I kind of panicked-I've never worn Filipiniana before so I didn't really know how it was going to pan out. But Yves had exactly what I wanted from a couture show he did in May, and it was just total love. It still followed tradition, but at the same time it went well with the kind of modern minimalism that I prefer. For this one night my feminine sensibilities took over, and it felt like I lived to glide in a gown.. Sheer mania. I wanna do the frou frou again sometime soon.

Thanks for the comments you guys. Between travelling back and forth to seeing the boyf in his island and my horrendous internet at home, it's been kinda hard to bloghop. But I'll do that soon enough, hope you do bear with me. Kisses.

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  1. i dread wearing filipiniana gown too but this one is an exemption. this gown is exceptional. love how he exchanged the traditional puff with an origami inspired sleeve. genius!

    you look gorgeous eden!

  2. You look absolutely S T U N N I N G !!


    I love how modern it is compared to the Traditional Filipino dress.

    xo Nicole

  3. Yves did a very good job on the Filipiniana number Eden and you wore it so well!
    this makes me want to wear one, just for the sake of wearing a Filipiniana piece. I've never worn one ever!

    oh and i love the shade of your lipstick! is it from m.a.c? gorgeous!

  4. Awesome Filipiniana dress, Eden! It has this modern touch without being so avant grade. Yves is so creative and innovative. :)

  5. Yves really did a good job Eden, he really is very proud of him knowing that we came from the same school and was a close friend of my brother in their elementary days.

    you look stunning and oh my that is just another side of you that you should try also...the feminine side but still I can sense the edgy Eden on that gown...

    lovely photos!!!!

    Take care love

  6. this dress is so rad! you look awesome =) and i love the earrings with this dress!

    nice blog, i'm following you with google friend connect x

  7. better to be unconventional than be normal and boring, babe!

  8. you look so fab on that Filipiniana dress,Ms. Eden.

  9. oh. my. gawd!!! that dress is awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Yves did a marvelous job!!!! edgy but still very Filipiniana. now I know who to call if ever a need for a Filipiniana arises.

  10. love how u modernized the baro't saya! gorgeous!

  11. very nice, I'm a new follower
    Thanks, Mr. Monkey

  12. love your pictures! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. It's very fun to look at/ read. :)


  13. I love that second picture! Very cool...

    I also love what you had to say about style. I'm that way too...I wear what I like, not what's "In".


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