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**We got featured!**

Much love and appreciation going out to The Philippine Online Chronicles for including Chic in the Tropics in their "Seven Stylish Filipina Bloggers" shortlist. Almost choked on my drink last night when I read this on my mobile. Thanks to Sweet of Pens and Lens for the info drive! Included in the feature are the likes of Kookie B and Denise and other lovely gals, so it's great company. 

To read the full feature of the POC Article, click here.

 As you all can see, I'm sprucing up the look of the site-- I'm trying to develop some cool new changes for CITT to improve the functionality of the site, so do excuse me for the temporary 'beta' look.  I owe  this awesome  initiative to one of my bestfriends, Kristine of Instyle Cebu, whose patience in guiding me through the whole process is incomparable.

Probably the most exciting (to me, at least, haha) new addition to date is the "Featured Posts" slideshow right before the posts-this makes highlighting of new product features or upcoming events of the month much easier for everyone, I think. So, hooray.:) I'll explain further once everything is optimized. BTW guys, I would appreciate your opinions re the new layout. Comment away!

I'll resume bloghopping once I figure this whole thing out. I can't wait to visit your sites again xx

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  1. Really gorj photo! :D you deserve that feature!! :)
    it's so hard to arrange layouts noh sis? :D really time consuming and addicting haha :)! Good luck and cant wait for the new look!! :)

  2. tama!!! i agree with Ana. I also changed my banner but I dunno if it's okay. Haha. Congratz babe!:)

  3. Yey yey ye! :)Anything for you lav!

  4. i lurv the new layout! yey to kristine!
    and yeah, as i said on FB, congrats on your feature -- totally well-deserved! aR and i were talking the other day about how your style has evolved and that you have finally found your own style..of course, he can attest to it cuz you've known each other longer.hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  5. This is cool! Congratulations!

  6. You deserved it Eden, now I know the reason why I had a hard time checking your blog yesterday....good thing its up and running now!!!

    oh I love the new layout...suits you well...the edgy look of the blog is just YOU!!!

    Congratulations again and sorry if you almost choked when you read my wall post in FB...heheheh

    take care gorgeous!!!

  7. congrats!
    so cute! :)
    checkout my blog!

  8. I love your new layout, dear! if ever I'm going to Cebu anytime soon (for work, that is), let's do a blogger meet up?

  9. whew....congratulations to that.. ^^


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