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**Select sheer black shirt, red tank from Topshop, vintage python-finish leggings, Janilyn heels, MF+G bag

A lot of us wear out the "work hard, party harder" mantra to a tee, especially those with lofty career goals and the immense amount of work that goes with them. Before, my idea of a weekend reprieve calls for putting on my go-to dancing shoes and meeting up the gang for some cocktails at our favorite dive bar. But preferences change and these days I opt for intimate conversations or a good laugh as opposed to pounding bass beats- I feel like I've left that behind me. A good cup of coffee or hot chocolate always comes to mind, so I'm always on the hunt for venues of pure comfort and solace.

So me and my friends couldn't pass up the invite to the opening party of COFFEECAT, the newest coffee and frozen yogurt shop in the bustling IT Park Area. With its well-lit and minimalistic interiors, Coffeecat gives off a distinctive sense of warmth in a tastefully modern and hip setting. Those trying to stave off their caffeine consumption should give the YO.GO a whirl. Healthy, and the taste is amazeballs! 

Cute how the boyf decided to come in a gorgeous crisp vest to 'dress' for the occasion-- His effort made me grin from ear to ear the whole night, and I could swear it made the whole taste test party much sweeter. After all, who else is perfect for sharing a warm ambiance and sweet treats with than your significant other? I'm pretty certain that we won't be the only ones to spend noteworthy moments in Coffeecat. :)

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  1. the leggings are crazy!! interesting business name, the vixen might give it a go ^^

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  2. Thanks so much for the comment! It sucks that you all don't have a target, but I hear that H&M has some pretty awesome over the knee socks! And I am definitely trying to smile more in the pics, I come off as so sad when I am really quite happy! I love the blog, and your hair is seriously amazing.

    Truly yours,

  3. I love your leggings dear...aww Cebu has a lot of new shops opening...can't wait for 2012 hahahaa that is two years from now...bummer!!!

    you and dane are totally having fun and rocking Cebu!!!

    take care love

  4. This shop looks amazing! And I absolutely love the name. Checking out the website.

  5. Awesome leggings!You´re rocking as usual, Eden! :)

  6. this is hot Eden! and you and the boyf look so cute together!

  7. i will surely visit that coffee shop! cool name. and like what everyone commented, your leggings are crazy hawt! i ♥ it! are you with Dane? she's a fellow blogger that I'm following as well. hehe


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