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Everything with the current boyf has been fantastic so far. More than just the 'lovey-dovey' (haha), we do have some similar interests, and those meld really well. Him being a student filmmaker and me doing occasional acting definitely makes for a lot of interesting discourses. And then there's the possibilities of being able to help each other out, even being able to actually work with each other...flirting with that idea is more than just exciting, it actual propels us forward.

So you can pretty much imagine how I felt when I assisted a bit with his film project for this term, the zombie themed short "Voracity". I've already seen some cuts he's already edited, and it's great to note how all that blood and gore transcended well in the screen, considering how much fun I had painting bloody cuts and pallid faces on the actors. Oh, and btw-- fake blood is a must-eat. :)

Check out this teaser clip of "Voracity" below: scary stuff, yeah?
"Voracity" premieres this JULY 30 (date is wrong in the video lol) at Tiki Bar in Bigfoot-Mactan. Give it a check if you can!

ready to paint the town red, boys? with the guys from False Graveyard
still stylin' even after long hours of shooting.. Thaad's co-director Andrew Singco
sup, dawg? Chris Hettel freaking the f**k out of Chico
John Imson working the audio
Andrew's brother Adrian (who worked this uhmazing make-up on Chris, how fking talented is this boy?!), Chris and Thaad before he got his haircutz
..something happened here.

still bloghopping! hugs and kisses xx

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  1. So cool to be involved with a film! Great makeup :)

  2. Hi Eden, nakakatuwa you are both artists! Bilib ako sa mga artists caz I don't even have a talent hehehhe keep it up!

  3. Hettel is looking scary as hell!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. im a new follower ! [:

    im glad that i actually found a great fashion blog thats based in the Philippines. in my visit there, i fell in LOVE with a lot of the original stores, like Bench, Penshoppe, and Lhasa.

    consider me your new frequent readers.
    & btw, those photos are amazing. the blood makeup is amazingly realistic.

    - dennica pearl

  6. wow, the fake blood is actually quite frightening. looks like the film was so much fun to do!


    boat ride through the sky

  7. That is so awesome to have a boyfriend who shares some related interests so that both of you can work together. It's cool that it worked out like that.

    Great photos!

  8. Yes! This is definitely cool! I'm soo into filmmaking as well. I appreciate the prosthetics, yes a very talented make-up artist/person that is! Coool. post the video okay :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  9. freaky!can't comment on your new hair post? I guess getting a new look is in now a days ! :)

  10. I wanted to see the video but I am just scared to watch it...judging from the make-up...gawd!!! those look real bloody sh*t...

    I really know this movie will surely turn out pretty well...great photos Eden...

    keep the love going!!!

    take care gorgeous!

  11. ang galing!!!! can't wait to see the final product

  12. Hey Eden,

    You and the boylet have a great tandem! You two should be proud of your work! Goodluck with the premiere! Hope there's a lot of turnout!

    No worries, I have been slacking lately on the bloghopping too. =)

  13. HA - Love this. Reminds me of the CSS video for ALALA

    Loving the blog - will be back for more

    Yours truly


  14. Hello Sweetie!
    Haven't heard you for a while.
    Do you have a new boyf now, what happened to the whitey guy?
    But, you still look great darling!

  15. Awesome; love behind-the-scenes footage! The video shoot seemed like fun and the zombies look gross (in a good way). That's too funny; a short while ago, I also worked on a zombie photo shoot, though my zombies were less bloody and more stylized. You can see it here:



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