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Hey all, just wanted to quickly share some fresh edits from a fun shoot I styled for my friends' photography and modelling portfolios a couple of months back. I have previously shared some takes from this 'heatwave' themed summer shoot several blog entries ago, but I thought Randell did a good job warping these up even more... thumbs up.

Model: Joy Dioso
Photographer: Randell Cabatingan
Locale: Golden Peak Hotel and Suites-Rooftop Area
special thanks to Principal Photographer Reynald Geonson

P.S. I'm flying to Davao City for some much needed R&R for the weekend, so I might be a bit backlogged in visiting you guys again. But no worries, I will definitely try to make up for it in record time. For sure I'll have tons of fun travel shots to share when I get back. Much love to my new followers and your comments! xx

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