5:45 AM

So yeah guys, I decided to shake things up with my hair yet again:

Before, I always kept my hair really short. Pixie cut, uber short bob... you name it, and I've probably tried it (save for a mohawk and a complete shave). But then something snapped inside, and I decided to grow it out for more than a year now. My hairstylist has always been a happy camper because I always just say "f**k it, let's do it". And so this time I emerge from the chair with a deeper shave and a sharp bob, and I couldn't be happier. Hair will always grow back, the times and opportunities that you could have gone wild with it will not.

The hair made its first foray into the town when me and the gals got invited to the Fushu Shoes Fashion Show at Formo (a separate event wrap-up coming in the next post) sometime last week. After the show, some weird dramz run-in for me and Dane, and several Bailey's mints later (open bar on Bailey's as they were the event presenter... yum), a camera craze ensued. Fun! I love having the boyf, but I most certainly miss my girls and our nights out together.:)

p.s. thrifted that dress for only P150 (3 USD) at some obscure haunt. mad love.

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  1. you have the coolest hair ever!:) and you're totally rocking it. love your shoes too! reminds me of the one Miley Cyrus is always wearing.

  2. awesome hair! wish i could pull off that look!

  3. you have the funkiest hairstyle ever! i love it on you..i think you have the it-factor to totally carry and ROCK it! looks like a fun night out! i love it!


  4. T'was nice to see youuuu! Finaaaaally! Hahaha! :) You look fab!

  5. You really are at your best with your edgy and stylish look. I fancy how you style your hair...

    it is true Eden, we love to be with our loved ones but sometimes, we just need some girl night one ever understands us except for them...

    lovely post!

    take care gorgeous!

  6. Wow, you certainly are daring! I love your attitude about hair. I'm trying to grow mine out so i can try different styles... but what i really want is to go to an actual hairstylist and have something cool done to it. My mom's only cut it before, and I want a different cut. More layers? I'm not sure.

  7. that cut is fierce! :) only a handful can pull that actually, and you did! love how you wore your shoes, haven't really tried that. might! :) keep rockin'!

  8. hahay, my work sucks because i wasn't here...wednesday night! tsk tsk. those bailey's mint are calling me! next week, I'M FREE! haha! to answer your question in FB by the way, i'm going to be doing some online writing, investing in being my sister's wholesaler for her shop PROPS..and eventually be the marketing exec for DrawingBoard...hook me up with clients who need ad services ayt??? Yey!

    on to the outfit...i am loving the dress! it instantly caught my eye jud...and wow, the pink socks are rockin'!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  9. Looking chic. What a gorgeous dress.

    Ps. Don't forget to enter my giveaway. Good luck if you already have!

  10. you look beautiful.

    i adore your kick ass attitude about change and transformation.

    the thrifted dress is amazing as well!

    - dennica pearl

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  12. That dress looks great on you; even better that you scored a great deal! Love the shoes too. YES to the shaved bob look; it's great to keep things interesting!


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