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Fashion blogging has come a long, long way here in Cebu, and I couldn't be happier. At one time  it was a completely 'novel' idea in these parts-very few were doing it, so at times the idea was met with raves, at times total adversity-- but despite all that, the love of blogging thrived,  I'm still standing, and every now and then  new fashion scribes are welcomed into the fold. It's a great, great feeling, chatting up with fascinating people because of this unified love for fashion and online writing. I can't get enough.

Since Facebook and Twitter  has made communication so much easier,  naturally we all progressed into an ACTUAL meet-up. Just like a great pleasant surprise, it was what I expected and more--the youngins' came dressed to the nines, a lot of crazy banter was exchanged in between, everybody is definitely as kind as they are fashionable, and I met a new fabulous soul sister in the form of Dane, whose friendship with me has transcended way above and beyond the online realm. So yeah, it's all great. I'm looking forward to bonding with everyone more often.:)

PS. I was also working this night hosting a bar tour for a cigarette brand (not sure if i can say it? lol).. fun, with a lot of hammered people in between. Oh, smoke in moderation if you can, kids.

wearing a thrifted statement tank dress, Yves lemon shorts, Parisian booties

with the lovely Gizelle from Vanilla Ice Cream.. would you believe that's a thrifted leopard dress?! f**king awesome

with various fashion bloggers and interweb stylistas from Cebu.. very good company. na shy ko. haha.

my "sister from another mister"-- Dane G of Trust Me, It's Paradise

why do i have a feeling my shorts can stop traffic? LOL. with them lovely ones (L-R) Rand, Kelvin, Kristine (InStyle Cebu), Yves, Angel (Great Social Nomad), Ea, Dane, moi, Gizelle (Vanilla Ice Cream), Ed, Nym Wales

who rocks the party that rocks the party.. haha. all in a day's work!

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  1. you all look amazing! wish we could also have a meet-up here in manila. :)

  2. looks like you guys had so much FUN! you all looked fabulous! too bad i missed this one. sunod, sunod ;)

    i love your top, Eden! and your neon shorts!

  3. wow that's cool sis!:) a meetup with fellow bloggers, and also your hosting stint! ;) Haha!

  4. You're so cute! I just wanna rip off your clothes!

  5. i think everyone was jealous of your neon shorts eden! so it did stop traffic..and more.

    let's have a sit-down meet-up like dinner..soon! before dane leaves...and other bloggers should be available by then like toni, isabeau and mildred.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  6. everyone is so chic and it looks like so much fun :)

    you lokk gorgeous eden!

  7. I am completely jealous...everyone was just updating their blogs because of your meet-up...I wish I could have stayed longer...arrghhh!!!!

    soon-ish I wanted to meet up with you Eden...we never had time to meet when I was there in Cebu :D

    take care love

  8. what a fun blogger meetup! everyone look so stylish and chic!

  9. looks like a fun gathering, eden! i agree with you completely. i love the blogosphere for the very same reasons:) technology has definitely come a long way. hope ure enjoying the weekend!

  10. agree with paxie's comment! :)

  11. ohhh!!! so this is the meet!!! haha i am so late.
    cute shorts eden! :)

  12. Lovely photos as always!! Looks like your having a great time!!
    <3 Kelly

  13. gosh i so envy you guys! looks like you all had so much fun that night!! and Dane, your sister from another mister -haha so cute! :)

    and i love your shocking shorts!

  14. aw, this looks like a lot of fun! I'm totally in love with those lemon shorts!
    Have you entered my giveaway to win a See by Chloe purse yet?


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