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topshop white tank with zip detail, Levi's 524 Too Superlow jeans, assorted accessories from Manalili, suede wedges from Michigan. photo was taken a long time ago. just after i cut my hair.

So okay, some preacher with a huge following in the US is telling everyone that the rapture/1st half of the end of days is happening today at 6pm. Obvious question: what timezone is this supposed to be happening again? I won't necessarily be divulging any of my own personal beliefs here, but uhm, I'm kinda not panicking. It's not that I'm NOT a believer, but it's just no one can really tell or predict when exactly the end of days is happening. So, whatever. I'll be going to the screening of some short films at 6pm my time anyway, one of which has me as the female lead. I'll be waiting for something to happen there. And if nothing does happen, I'll go out and grab a hard drink with my girls. Typical Saturday. Salut!

Aaaanyway, how different can that whole ordeal be from how I usually feel these days? My BF is permavacationing back in the US. Are we f**ked? Are we going to be together for when the real rapture comes? IDK. I'm such a f*cking emotional mess these days. UGHHHH. Someone get me out of my misery and drink with me. Let's chug some Jack Coke, stat!

who wouldn't miss this face? photo taken by Dane of Trust Me, It's Paradise

Okay, enough of being emo--aren't these stickies awesome? We all need these in our lives, like, right now.

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  1. Glad to you have you back to posting on your blog.

    Love the layout, and what not.


  2. Awww, I love the photo of you and the boif. That's the kind of rapture I'd love to have. :)

    See you on the 28th? :)

  3. i love your pants! and im sure the boy and you can make it work. :)

  4. Your hair looks great short! Yeah, I wouldn't care for it to be the rapture. I'm sure you and the boy can make it work out!

  5. you look sexy in those jeans!


  6. awwe.. that is one sweet pic, Eden! makalesang jud ning long distance relationship pero lingaw ra gihapon and the wait is sooo worth it!

    i waited for the rapture until 2am but all i heard was the new couple next door breaking things. i bet the husband ruptured his vocal chords and the wife, her eardrums. lol

    Perfumed Red Shoes

  7. thanks for following me

    i'm following you back now :)


  8. i need those post-its!! funny!! and yeah, apparently the end of the world didn't happen. bah.

  9. awwwwww i love this look!!! Seriously diggin your style! <3 its a total rocker!

    ps: lovely photo with the boif... kinilig ako <3


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