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I'm really glad to be in the company of insanely talented and equally crazy friends who enjoy stepping out of the box every now and then. If we're bored, boom, we sit down together and discuss a project to do and just play around with whatever experimental idea we can come up with. It's cool because we agree with what kind of look we want to achieve most of the time, we rarely argue, and we just pitch in ideas and we execute them just like that. It truly is awesome to have friends who just kind of know how your mind ticks as much as you know theirs.

Me and my homegirls Aoi, Yves and Dale decided to have facetime in front of the lens with my frequent collaborator/partner in crime Prem Ananda of PremPhoto sometime last month and it was quite a blast. I figured I needed to have some shots taken for my media portfolio anyway so I had a few "glamour headshots" taken(lol, not shown in this post), and I have to say that I was absolutely fricking uncomfy during the whole thing. I cannot pose for life! Aoi just breezed through it, as always, because she is just a natural. More so with Yves, because Yves KNOWS how to werq it. The glittery gay WROTE the effing book on WERQing it. Even Dale who was also a first-timer with the whole huge photoshoot thing did a lot better than me, so I'm like, WTF. I have to work harder next time.

Oh, and big ups to the other member of the team, Prem's gf Wena T for double-timing on the PS work. LOL. I must also hand it to designer Brendon Val Cenon for creating those awesome striped RTW wonders we were wearing, and Phil Lapinid for that ridiculously rad spiked chambray shirt that I'm wearing. That shirt is just sweet.

Oh and you guys rock (especially those who left comments in my last post) for being so nice. x

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  1. Eden! I don't think you remember anymore but I shrieked when I saw your pic on the profile link. We used to work together at Xlibris (aka. hellhole for me lol. ) It's Dylan. :)

    These pictures are lookin' fierce. Lovin' your blog and def following. Oh, and thanks for the lovely comment, babe. Very sweet of you. xx


  2. hi sweetie! :) i love your blog!!.. you have such lovely style.. and i love your looks! very chic! ;) i followed your blog.. ;)

    hope we could follow each other.. that would be a pleasure :)


  3. Eden! Don't worry you werqd it too! :D Welcome back!

    The Explosive Orange

  4. Thank you! So glad you liked it :-)

  5. completely, unutterly, stunning... u never stop making me drop me jaw u know... sometimes with the drool... xxxx




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