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As some of you guys knew, I used to DIY industrial accessories (?!) a lot back then. I made stuff like a full spiked leather headband and chain harnesses and stuff, and boy, was that a lot of fun. But because my schedule is pretty intense in itself, I wasn't really able to work on making new things during my hiatus. All that changed though when I met a fashion editor from Manila who was mad loving' all over one of the necklaces I made--and voila, I'm back to crafting stuff, and I'm back to really liking it again. So we'll see what happens.

DSKNKT (yes, that's the name I came up with) is set to be featured by that editor in her publication, but I don't want to mention the specifics yet so as not to jinx it. Heh. But I'll be sure to keep you posted if and when that happens.  But anyway, if you guys want me to customize stuff for you, be my guest. just hit me up at edeninthetropics@yahoo.com and we'll talk about what we can do together. :)

Oh and big-ups to Rene Aloba and Kal Khosravibabadi of OZAR, a.k.a. those two cuties up there, for agreeing to star in this teaser photo. More shots to come after the feature!

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  1. i like this, sana you do more DIY and sell it online. :)

  2. Eden! How are you? Its been a while! Gosh, I missed your posts! Looking great as ever! By the way, I love the accessories worn here, very edgy, def your kind of style! :)

    Take care and oh regards to Yves! :)

  3. really like the name! your work is awesome :) good luck with everything!

  4. That's really interesting! If you ever want to make me anything... ;)

  5. You look perfect! Great skirt and you are sooo pretty :) Nice blog I'm following :) check my if you want to:
    kisses :*


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