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Topshop purple tank with macrame weave detail, vintage wide belt, thrifted electric pleat skirt, Figliarina shoes

True story: I've had this skirt for so long after one of the rare times i got to go thrift hunting with fellow Cebuano bloggers Phil and Yapi (we have to do it again soon, loves!). Yapi was going nuts over the skirt and was like, "buy it, buy it!" I knew the midi skirt was becoming all the rage but I wasn't really a skirt or maxidress kinda gal, so I was a little apprehensive. Everyone from Yves to Dane was telling me to jump the trend, so eventually I did, at least just this once. In retrospect, this skirt is really pretty and its totally non-fussy to wear. But I think I'm giving this with love to Yapi, because I think she just went into mad love mode the first the she laid eyes on it. 

And this post is dedicated to Yapi too, because no one does colorblocking better than her! Check out Yapi if you haven't here.

I took a bunch of really great photos of Yves too but he will probably be hatin' if I post all of it here before he does on his blog, so make sure to check out the action here.

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  1. Love this look dear. :) You lookin' hot in that purple tank and pleated skirt! If only more people weren't afraid to look this good, then we'd have a more fun and "fashionable" country. :)

    pps. lemme know where I can check out your DIY accessories soon. Droolin' over them from the previous posts. :) Oh, I'm still in CDOC after braving Manila. Might move to Cebu again later in the year. xx

  2. i love the contrasting colors of your top and skirt... and!biggest love -A

  3. oh gosh, i absolutely love this outfit on you! the combination of greens and blues is just perfect :)

  4. No no no you're DEFINITELY a maxi/midi girl! That skirt looks out of this world on you. And the colours you've paired together look banging, xx

  5. i love this look on you! and your shoes! :x

  6. Such a great skirt - love the colour.

    Just discovered your blog. Would love it if you popped by mine sometime.

    Andrea x

  7. You look so chic in those outfit! Love especially the pleated skirt, the shoes totally rock the outfit! :D
    Am following your blog now ^^


  8. i said this before and i'm gonna' say it again, i absolutely love this outfit! <3 and i can't wait to get my hands on the skirt..hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  9. I love the outfit. so chic :)
    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog<3

  10. I love the skirt,and the shoes.

    And I'm thinking of doing something like that with hair.


  11. natuwa naman ako sa Post na to!! WERQ it!


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