3:47 PM

thrifted black dress with macrame back detail, bikini top from Metro, assorted accessories from Manalili, Shoesone cutout wedge booties, Gucci belt and "behaviour" bag (from Oj Hofer)

One more day of preparation to go before hitting Manila for what could be the biggest fashion event of my life so far, and I am still not packed in the least bit. Egad. Clothes are strewn all over my room without the slightest hint of organisation. I'm screwed! Well, maybe not, but I'll just have to pull out things and prepare the last minute and see what happens.

It was pretty hot today so I decided to let loose and just wear this back-bearing LBD that I've had for awhile.Business in front, party in the back. Haha.

My hair grows tremendously fast. I think Dane was right--I think I need to bring back my shave. Hmmm. Either way, I really must get out of this awkward hair growth situation.

Oh, and do you guys know what stormtroopers do on their day off? 

These photos are from this guy Stefan's flickr and he makes the inner Star Wars fan in us ROFL with his really cute and hilarious stormtrooper series. It definitely worked in perking up my day. Check out the action over here. It's fricking funny and witty.

Oh and big-ups to Cha Fuentes for my footwear <3

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  1. Good luck on packing. Although I wouldn't recommend it, I usually pack at the last minute even if I have time. Idk, I guess it's more fun? Haha.

    Totally love your outfit. You carried it well. Yer BEHAVIOUR purse is so apt. Enjoy Manila dear! :)

  2. I love your belt and it's GUCCI!! Thank youu so much for that wonderful comment you left on my blog. Would really love to meet you soon.


  3. your shoes!! they're making me depressed. great style, eed! definitely my style icon!

  4. awww I love your shoes! and that back detail of your dress is awesome!

  5. the back of that dress, ahhh!!! loves it!

  6. ma, where did you get the shoes???? you didn't tell me about them. i'm absolutely jealous. i need to buy new ones stat or i'd die. OA much? LOL.

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  7. love your backless dress :)
    and those shoes are fabulous!

  8. i love your shoes <3
    i adore your style :D
    nice blog :)
    now i'm you follower :D


  9. the black dress is really awesome. The back part is very stunning. lovely boot wedges, I madly love it

  10. nice look! and the last pics are so funny!

    Check out my new outfit post!

  11. awwww. This is a cute post!! yesss, cute and hilarious stormtrooper series! :)

    Love the details of your dress!!! :)


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