5:31 AM

wearing a gray midi-dress with draped details (thrifted) and DSKNKT A Harness (price available upon request), Parisian shoes

Almost 24 hours have passed and safe to say that the rapture didn't happen. Seriously, no one really knows when this whole thing will happen, so let's just continue doing...whatever it is we love to do? Something like that. Glad we're still A-OK!

Last night I went to check out the graduation of a bunch of my friends from the International Academy of Film and Television (and like I said, I waited for the rapture there--eh, didn't come). This graduation also serves as the premiere for their thesis films, which are incredible 8-12 minute shorts that will showcase everything they've learned from film school(they're on youtube btw, and a lot of them are pretty awesome). And yes, I was the female lead in one of them. Ehh... I've always felt awkward whenever I see myself acting for life in a huge theater screen. I used to always worry about a lot of things whenever I act for the camera, like, did i do right in that scene? Is that huge zit showing? Does the make-up look okay? You know, trivial things like that. But eventually I just said screw it, I'm crazy about acting, so everything else doesn't matter.

I'll probably upload some of the films I've done here in CITT when I finally have the guts to do it. I don't, yet. Haha. Anyway, big ups to Kunle Babs (that handsome Akon-looking guy beside me) for believing in me and casting me in Volition (thus the name of this post), which was truly incredible even if I do say so myself. Great work, man! And also to my friend Andrew Perry, who bagged the highly coveted Best Thesis and Academic Excellence trophies. Well done!

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  1. Did Andrew Singco steal all my rings?!

    You look so fetch, but please shave your side again!!


  2. wow! only you can pull off that safety pin body harness. very edgy. :)

    and hey have i told you that aoi is a dead ringer for alex da rossi?


  3. i wanna watch the short films!

  4. love the safety pin body harness! You look great!

  5. You look so beautiful, just lovely. Love your style and your blog! Now following! Maybe you'll have the time to visit my blog:) and thanks for your comment!


    Love, Emily

  6. Wait those safety pins, are they stainless? LOL** I remembered putting lots of them on my Moschino Jacket and LORD the RUST! chareng buti nalang Ukay sya!


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