if shoes could talk...

2:54 PM

Gold Dot's Cassandra platforms in rust talking to Jeffrey Campbell glittery Foxy :)

moi, Marco of Philippine Street Fashion, Sweet of Pens and Lens, Liezyl of The Red Diary, Angeli of Miss Enthusiast

sexy little thing: Vanessa East of One Frozen Margarita and her killer Aldos

can i live in these till im 80?

If shoes can talk, they would have fascinating, vibrant conversations about where they've been and what kind of shenanigans their owners have been up to. I'm glad my shoes are totally inanimate objects because I'm sure it would have really crazy [incriminating and embarassing] stories to share. Haha.

Me and a bunch of my shoe-obsessed friends, a.k.a. some of Cebu's fashion bloggers, came together over the weekend to have another "meet-up" round. I find it rather awkward to call it as that these days as opposed to just "hanging out", because some of us have actually established firm friendships beyond the interwebs. It was definitely weird  to be saying "nice to meet you!" to Sweet of Pens and Lens because even though we've just actually met, we've been following each other since 2009 and she feels like an old friend.  Amazing how things work out like that.

I finally got to wear Gold Dot's Cassandra platforms in rust just for this occasion. Omgsh..I can't put in words completely just how deeply in love I am with this particular design. The comfort I felt was just incomparable for a shoe with such staggering height. It's just so light, you barely feel the elevation,and it felt effortless to wear it. Don't dare hesitate if you've been wanting to get this for yourself.

Vanessa East, Sweet, Marco and Rabsin, Liezyl and Angeli... thanks for making my night:)

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  1. It was a pleasure to hang out with you guys! Good times! Till next bonding ;)

  2. Love this night as well!! I call it Sea of HAWT shoes but yours was COUTURE!! ;P
    Looking forward to more nights like this! :]

  3. sexy sexy ladies!!! ZOMG on your new platforms! jealous....

  4. those shoes!! perfect blog title, btw. Wish I was there :(

  5. these shoes are equally gorgeous! okay i'll be a little biased- your pair is a stand-out! hehe

  6. Awww! Love Sweet's JC's and yours too, Eden! Wish I was there with you on that night but third time's really the charm. XD

  7. Your shoes are always to die forrrrrrrrr! ANd your friends' too!!!

  8. Wow, those shoes!! Love your Cassandra and your friends glittery JC. The first pic is very cuuutee!! :)

    Looks like a fun night! You ladies looked stylish and beautiful :)

  9. i cant believe i missed this! gah! im so killing my sister for procrastinating on her project!

    if shoes could talk id let them sign a non-disclosure agreement and id pay extra for it! que horror!

    ive been staring at all those pretty shoes since you posted them on fb!!

  10. Those orange platforms are fierce! And looks like you guys had such a great time! - Mar

  11. Your shoes!!! *drools* You rocked Cassandra and made her look 100x edgier. =)

    I miss Cebu tuloy! I was there last January for the Sinulog festival. My Mom is a Cebuana. =) Hope to meet you when I visit Cebu again.

    Lots of love,

  12. aww I love our first photo...I am going to grab it okay...we are certified happy girls....I miss hanging out with you dear...

    thank you for everything...



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