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I'm a changed person after coming home from my trip. No, it wasn't exactly a spiritual or meditative journey (too many parties, too many friends, too much alcohol [sorry!] and too many distractions for that, though i fervently wish to go to one soon), but it made me reflect on a lot of things while in the comforts of the tranquil beaches. it also made me appreciate my friends better (well, at least my REAL friends), seeing as it was a loooong week spent with them. It really was a welcome journey.. a bit costly for me, but it was well worth it.:) Bantayan was certainly a dream, and i would do it all over again in a heartbeat.:)

I did promise you pics from my vacay.. my own pics are still with my camera, and my camera is in the service center, and they say it will take a month for me to get it back. now how crappy is that?!!! but well, thank God for friends who all have cameras as well.:) as expected, every day was an opportunity to fashionize!

first off, here are some of the [various] looks i pulled while beaching. basically just cover-ups and stuff, and my DIY grunge shorts were omnipresent.


oversized shirt-thrifted
DIY ripped shorts
purse- Tommy Hilfiger
lace-up spats- Leaveland
woven cloche hat and beads-Yves Identify

i found this oversized shirt in one of my thrifting haunts. I wish i really took a shot at the details, but if you look closer, its a girl making various faces. and props to my aunt for this cute Tommy Hilfiger! and how incredible is the sea?!

- Sassa
mesh top and Zebra-print hat-- Yves
DIY ripped shorts

as you can see, the heat was incredibly intense! you can so see it in the pictures... you most def need at least SPF 50 to hit Bantayan. at least.

graphic cover-up- George UK

Walking with my good buddy Brylle along the beach. I mean seriously. how incredible is that white sandy shoreline? Bt srsly, the cloche hat is nowhere to be found since i got back from the trip... must've frikkin lost it in one of the drunken days, but shhhhh.. don't tell Yves. hehehe. i'll just get you a new one luv!


oversized cardigan-Aeropostale
Leaveland spats

This oversized cardi is genius. Its incredibly light and comfy and just long enough to cover the lady parts. But I swear, my friend Judee made this trip seem like a weekend in the Hamptons rather than just bumming around in the beach. Give her outfit a check. Pilin' on the bling, baby.

Some more fun shots:

a white hot afternoon in the water+the right swimsuit=perfect

Mayan, Jett and I enjoying a lazy afternoon on the trisikad

a shot of my gay BFF/stylist Yves against some cheap, pink blow-up children's toys. thought-provoking no?

finding the perf spot for some drama shots... coolness

an insanely cool picture of Jett in the water

with the adorable Qia Ingrid

Yves and Brylle

the group enjoying the day's first rhum and cokes... 1st among the many... not proud!

As the pictures show, it was most certainly the best time had by all. Parties, fedora hats, tequila, and too many wayfarers later, we were all able to develop the thing we all treasured... no, not just great outfit posts, but our friendship.

P.S. you guys already know how your comments are deeply and sincerely appreciated. going through my other friend's posts (eeli, some other blogger... rusty memory) talking about unwanted mean comments also made me think about how I would deal with it when i do get one (haven't just yet, fortunately)... i do tons of media work both as a radio DJ and an events host, and trust me, I do get my share of flak every so often (thankfully not too much). I normally just shake it off and I do know that its all a part of being in the public eye. However, i am extremely new at blogging and as much as i would like to just shake it off, i just want a pleasant experience with all of you that petty and insecure "anonymous" posters just can't provide.

that said, i am moderating my comments effective immediately, with the hope that its not too much of an inconvenience to you or whatevs. so please go ahead, leave your comments!

Till next, xoxo.:)

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  1. wow! i am avoiding the beach now but after seeing these gorgeous photos of you...wow! i wanna go back and dip. hihi. i love your outfits. so cute especially the white maillot.

  2. that looks awesome, love your bathing suit!

  3. Thanks for swinging by my blog. Girl YOU are the one who is chic! Love that bathing suit! And your idea of the cardi over your suit - I'm going to steal that idea for the lake :)

  4. You are very pretty girl with beautiful hats :-)
    The pictures are funny, I like them very much!

  5. Love all your outfits, and the cardi idea is great - I should try it! Looks lke you had a nice week!

  6. hi there,

    Thanks for the nice comment :)
    ofcourse we can change links! i will add u in my blogroll too :)
    i love your blog btw!


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  8. i am so envious. how i iwsh i could stay long in the sun... i am sun deprived, i got rash everytime i stay more than 30mins. duh.

    hey, i love yout white monokini. it's better than the 2 piece.

    the trip sound so much fun. have a wonderful week ahead!


  9. looks like you definitely had lots of fun!! what an amazing getaway!

    love your silver bathing suit and choices for beach hats! in the latter department, i only have 2, one i've not even worn (tag's still on haha)

    as for the haters, i've definitely come across a few on my previous personal blog which did bother me a bit. coincidentally i just saw this in the april issue of nylon:

    "i wish i could put all the player-haters on one planet so they could just hate on each other by themselves." - missy elliot

    if only!

  10. love the bathing suit! looks like a fantastic vacation!

  11. Looks like a great time! My vision for the mean comments is that before I get any I'll keep commenting as easy as I can. And during these two years of mine, there hasn't been anything with a meaning. So don't worry. When writing on English people are nice. Always.

    juliet xxx

  12. Hi :) Looks like you had a great vacation! Lucky :D The photos are fabulous. thanks for stopping by my blog!

    xo, mavi

    P.S I've added you to my blog roll for a link exchange if you still want to :) xx

  13. I like the white swimsuit- especially in the picture in the ocean. It's funny how when you come back from vacation you feel like a totally different person.

  14. Ah, Bantayan! Heard so many amazing things about the place, even considering buying some land there.

    Beautiful photos!

  15. THese pictures sure tell us all that you indeed had a wicked time and I am slightly slightly SLIGHTLY *through gritted teeth* jealous lol. As for the moderation of course it is no inconvenience. I have a ques though. If you moderate you still view all the comments no? You just get to choose the ones that are seen?


    Wuv youuuuu! :D


  16. Oh wow, these photos look incredible. And every single one of you looks like you were prepped for this "shoot" (i.e. modelesque). Love all the bathers and the funky outfits notwithstanding the extreme heat :D

    Have a great one, back in reality.

  17. Sounds like your trip was fun and fufilling! Love all of your outfits in your photos :D

  18. P.S How do you know that dlisted is gay??? Oh man I want to see what he looks like soo bad cuz he totally cracks me up!

  19. WOW!!! Hey Im sooo jealous but I get to be home next month though :)... Take care and God Bless!!!

  20. Hello,Eden!Thanks for inviting me to link with you. I've already added you into my blogrolll.Actually I've been following your blog for a week now but naunhan ko nimo sa pag-invite. Hehehe, silingan ra ta.I'm from Oriental Negros but I'm now residing here in Spain.Love your look and your blog.Hope you'll have a wonderful day tomorrow.:)


  21. exchange links? of course!

    here i go:

    you'll definitely be in my blogroll

    by the way super love your summer outfits.
    very inspiring.
    too bad i can't get to wear mine yet until sometime this may (you know until my summer school ends). bummer.

    super love your hats (green with envy)

  22. cute pictures and i love that gold necklace!!

  23. Ooooh super jealous. It looks beautiful! Love the outfits :) You documented it all really well! xoxo

  24. Oh and yes, lets exchange links! :)

  25. You look so cute in all your bathing suits!! I'm glad you had a really awesome trip! Traveling with friends is so much fun! I always appreciate your sweet and thoughtful comments on my blog. Love you! xxoxoxoxxoo

  26. Ah, you all look so awesome! You're lucky to have such great friends :)

  27. thank you for your very nice comment on my blog. I've always planned on going to Cebu as everyone told me how beautiful it is there!

    i was actually reading your blog for a few days now :D then i saw your comment. much appreciated

    and yes, vacations are really sorely missed. i'm raring to go back!


  28. great photos, my dear!
    i missed riding in a ''trisikad''!

  29. ooh your vacation seems so great! envy you of playing on the beach and sea.. hehe
    you look stylish even on the beach
    so great!

    you always make me coming back for more.
    love your blog


  30. Great pictures..looks like you had so much fun!!
    I love your bathing suit!

  31. wow fun photos and great outfits! i esp like your one piece swimsuit. i'm still hunting for the perfect one. i'm quite bored with my one and only one piece swimsuit tanga, haha!

    and oh the photo of that guy floating is genius! :) ganda ng illusion!

  32. seems like you guys had so much fun!! cool pictures you have. and heyy, I'm in love with your Leaveland spats.. sooo cool!

  33. Thanks for the comment! It looks like you all had an amazing time on your vacation! That's always good! I absolutely love your sunglasses and your bathing suit is fantastic!

  34. I love your swimsuit! And the one your friend is wearing with the floral top part

  35. the trip looks absolutely BRILLIANT. loving the DIY grunge shorts, i really need to rip up a pair myself :-)

    and may i just say you and your friends are the best dressed group of people out there?


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