What I Wore @ the Penthouse: The New Romantic

11:59 AM

Hello lovelies!

I hope you're all having a great week so far. I'm sure you're all busy snapping up shots of your gorgeous sartorially-forward selves, or finding the next big thing to blog about... and on that note, I would love to thank all of you for still finding the time to drop by and leave comments! I may not answer your posts and reactions in real time, but do know that they are deeply appreciated and will be reciprocated in kind.:)

As i have previously mentioned, I skipped and hopped over to the uber luxe
Penthouse (from the same people who brought in the equally impressive Loft) for the Preview Party of The Penthouse Fashion Series, a hot fusion of the best young designers+great clubbing. My expectations were certainly met-and more. Here's what I wore:


lace and mesh top- vintage
custom Dhoti pants- Yves Identify
belt-Primark (UK)
open-toed slingback booties-Janilyn

playing around with the saturation settings... looks and feels vintage

Being close friends with a stylist/designer definitely has its perks, one being indefinitely "borrowing" their designs. Hehehe. These incredible coral Dhotis that he designed has been on my watchlist for quite awhile, and I made sure to rock it for the occasion.:)

Chillin' out with all the lovely people: my BFF/stylist Yves, lifestyle writer Vanessa Balbuena, and the Penthouse's top PR honcho, Angela Emphasis (thank you very much for accomodating!)


The show was a great success in my book, and that's not just saying it-- the styling was impeccable, the maquillage flawless, and the models selected couldn't have been more perfect for the outfits they rocked.. most definitely a great show, one made possible by its talented director, fashion impressario Dino Lloren. **claps claps

Here's a few looks:

a gorgeous pleather bodycon dress by my friend, the uber-talented Mique Yapching.. this is on my watchlist too!! hehehe... Hiya Mique..

my good friend Harvey Cenit's piece de resistance for the night: tres chic, tres flouncy, tres Parisian minidress.. tres adorable!

the models looking statuesque in the ubiquitous final group pose

And of course, where the show is at, expect the fabulous partyphiles to be there:

Spotted the sexy Rockell in a simple ensemble with a tinge of rocker chic. Wearing a vintage cardigan from YSL, liquid leggings from H&M, grandmother's vintage Hermes Birkin (how jealous am i?!!), and custom made shoes

with the city's local Alexander Wang and Olivier Theyskens combined, and one of my personal favorites, Mique Yapching. love his aesthetics!

the adorable and talented Harvey Cenit, spotted here canoodling with his boyfriend, in wrist bijoux pieces by the seriously rad Mark Anton Masa

Kudos to everyone who jammed at the Penthouse for another great party in the metro. An extra special thanks once more to The Penthouse's gorgeous PR gal Angela Emphasis for being extremely kind, and top Cebu designer Dino Lloren for filling us in on the deets.

Expect to see more of The Penthouse Fashion Series only here at Chic in The Tropics... bringing in the metro's best seen over to the global scene. XOXO.:)

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  1. I really like the subtle sensuality of your lace/mesh top, its exquisite transparencies, AND your peep-toe booties, their wide side cleavage, "fetishistically" bewitching . . .
    ps: Your "Sarouel-esques" pants delightfully instil an "Oriental Goddess" laid-back twist on your charismatic presence !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. Hey Eden!! I really love reading your comments on my blog because they're so thoughtful and sweet!! The fashion show looks great and I'm glad you had a great time! I really love your pants! The color, the volume, Whoa! I could never pull it off like you though. xxoxoxoxo

  3. you gave me an idea how to wear my own dhoti pants. I love the color and how fun the party looks! so jealous.

    also, i would love to exchange links. thank you for offering. i'm just actually starting and it would really help. thank you for your sweet comments :D


  4. Hej :-)
    your pants are really amazing!!!! I love them! You look very sexy :-)

  5. Love that coral Dhotis pants on you, Eden.Bongga ka, Day! You really rock :)

  6. LOVE those pants - The outfit is perfect! So jealous of your partying - I can't wait until the holidays come! Yeah, HK only just got their H&M recently :) Asia's a bit behind on the whole H&M thing! xoxo

  7. Oooh looks like you had such a fun time! Loved your top :)

  8. nice outfit :)
    i love the trousers and bag!!!!

    btw,thanks for the comments!

  9. I love the outfit. The dhoti pans, are definetly the newest stale and the color is fantastic. The lacey mesh top is a great off set to the vibrant color, very madonna 80's-ish top! Also the fashion show looked like fun!

  10. could never pull off such pants == lucky you! hope you had a great time, but why do i bother saying so, you're such a partaygirl!!! LOve the booties ;D

    channy <333

  11. Your pants look fabulous. I'm so jealous you get to go to events like that. Around here, fashion is synonymous to matching your shirt and shoes. *Sighs.*

  12. Thanks for your comment gorgeous! I'm so flattered but I'm actually in awe of you! Your outfit is so unbelivably daring and you pull it off completely. Yes would love to exchange links, I'll link you up now :)

  13. lookin' good, darling, lookin' good!

  14. Hey! I'm jealous, it looks like you had a fun night! lol I really like your outfit! Also, from the show I really like the white dress!

    I"m going to become a follower of your blog!! It seems like you always have such great posts!
    Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  15. Hello Eden!

    I am so happy about your comment at my blog! Thanks a lot for your care, you are so sweet!
    Love so much your shots, it seems this event was so alike as the last one I attended too!
    Disco + catwalk :)

    About exchange links, I love that!
    It´s ones of my fav.things about blogging know new people!

    You are so cool ;)

    A kiss and a hug,
    see you,

  16. Wow! I adore the pleather bodycon dress. And your outfit! Fabulous, I tell ya!

    I can totally see myself rocking the same outfit out.

    Hope you're having a great week...its nearly over, bring on the weekend :D

  17. AWESOME pants, and i love the lacy top!

  18. i really like white shot dress, it´s incredible!!!!!

    fabulous outfit!!!!

  19. Oh Wow, you pull off those trousers sooo well! It looks like an amazing party/show!

    Of course, you're now on my blogroll too :)

  20. Hi eden!! You're so sexy in that lace top and your dhoti pants look so fasyon!!=) I hope to meet more Filipina fashion bloggers in the future! so fun right? I would love to exchange links as well.. I'm linking you..=)

  21. cool threads!

    i got to your blog from izzy's :D

  22. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. And I see you are fiercely rocking those saffron dhoti pants!! :) It really takes courage to wear pieces like that in our conservative country.

  23. what a great outfit! Thanks for your lovely comment, it made my day XD your blog is really cute too!

  24. I love your top (: The show looks amazing. I'd love to exchange links (:

  25. I've been thinking about what you said about Dlisted, I think you are right. He is gay. He has to be! What straight guy would have such whitty and creative comments!

    It just occured to me so thought I'd let you know. LOL

  26. thanks for the comment! the outfit looks fierce on you. i think it'd be great to exchange links!

  27. you look great....love the orange pants.

  28. I LOVE the colour of your pants! You look great.


  29. I love the pants you're wearing! And the top is just fabulous! I'd love to exchange links, oh and i feel the same everytime I see another filipina fashion blogger! it's a growing community don't you think?

    And you have a very cool site. :)

  30. you're totally rockin' this outfit! it's unbelievable, im in awe...


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