What I Wore: 90's Redux.. and Yes, I'm Back!

7:46 PM

Hi everyone! Obviously, I just got back from my trip to Bantayan Island. My sincerest apologies for not being able to update while i was there-- somehow all the internet cafes were closed (as it was also the Holy Week.. or at least those i went to), and well, it was just too hot to do anything else but to soak in the beach and party at night. Hahah. Again, my apologies. I certainly missed all of you!

Pics of the trip have yet to be uploaded. I do have this humongous problem though: sand got into my new camera, and it's freaking out.:( (well, mom is pissed.) i just hope it doesn't hamper my blogging. or get permanently broken. i'd be so f*king depressed. well, i'm still optimistic... shit happens, and i'll just have to find a way to get by somehow.

That said, here's what I wore prior to leaving:


bleached denim vest-Kangaroo
black shirt-Vintage Tees
DIY bleached jeans
open-toed slingback bootie- Mario D' Boro

I'm really enjoying the direction of fashion as of this moment. As Tommy from Jak and Jil coined it, "Nu Rave" is in.. i'm an 80's person by heart-i'd gladly sashay in shoulder pads any day now-- but I'm really feeling the 90's overkill going on.. very eclectic, a little bit of rock and glam, truly reminiscent of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" days in which we wished that it would last forever. That... and I'm also incredibly bored of my (already i'll fitting) black skinnies, so I just took the bottle of bleach lying around and nuked the damn thing. Success, I think. I had fun doing it though.

Trying out the B&W setting in my camera turned out well... Now I'm frikking worried how the diagnostic of the damn thing will turn out. I hope it gets fixed:(

I've had this shirt for quite a while and its something I love for both going out and sleeping in--just somehow never managed to figure out what it said!

More than just the pants, I got wayyyy bored and decided to play around with my nails as well. Did i tell you that i can totally rock being a mani-pedi artist? Anyway... props to the adorable blogger who introduced me to doing this mish-mash of yellow and black (i used gray instead) and i think it turned out just the way i like it. thanks again!

Thank you to all those who left lovely comments (even when i was M.I.A).. i'll definitely get back to your inquiries and comments in 3...2...

Hope you had a good week as well.


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  1. wala pa jud! i'm glad wa pud nimo gdelete imong blogger...hehehe

  2. welcome back! i can't wait to see the photos!

    i love your outfit! that jeans is wicked! i like the idea of the fingernails!


  3. OR When "GLAM Rock meets Destroy CHIC" . . . Mmmmh YES it sounds as the sulfurous/electrifying side of "90's Grunge" !!!
    ps: Eeeeuuuuuh So Beyond "technical problems" (which are often mysterious for me) Hope We can see your trip's pictures !!!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  4. Welcome back!!! :-)

    I'm anticipating photos you took while you were away.

    And I'm sooo loving the jeans! Très hot!!!

  5. Hey :-)
    you look very original! I like it! I like the way you play around with your nails :-)

  6. Awesome jeans and I love the nails too! Grey and yellow = one of my favorite color combos =)

  7. Gosh! These pants are fantastic! I'm glad you are back ;)

  8. Welcome back! and you rock in that outfit! I hope you too had a great Easter =)

  9. Hey!! So glad to hear you're back! Those bleach jeans are amazinnnng! I'm loving the 80's vibe too and can't wait to find a nice big-shouldered jacket. Hope the camera is doing okay!! xxoxoxo

  10. Glad you're back! I absolutley adore the 80's and early 90's. i need to find some acid washed -tie dyed jeans!

  11. amazing jeans there rad

    the crumpet girls

  12. ohh wow
    this is too cool
    i mean ure awesome
    love ure outfit ...



  13. Thanks for your comment!

    I've added you to my links!

    have fun,

  14. You're so lucky you got to go to the beach. I just stayed at home and watched tv.

    Your pants are fabulous. I don't think you'd find anything like those around here. LOL. Btw, I've already added you to my blog roll. :)

  15. Ohh I wish I could try that look but hihihi me = phail. heheh! you = brilliant! miss you!

  16. thanks for dropping by my blog! Yeah, the drawer pulls are a bit heavy, but the keyholes are really light.

  17. Ah this outfit is awesome. Those jeans looked like lace tights for a moment! nice job on them
    and wow... a warm hot day... wah i want summer here in the states

  18. Aw, thank you so much for your super sweet comment! :)

    Sand in your camera? Eek! I hope it doesn't cause serious problems.

    Great jeans! I have no confidence when it comes to acid wash, but I like seeing them on everyone else!

  19. welcome back! i just got back from a vacation too. i'm excited to see your beach photos! post them soon ok? you know i love beach! hehe

    those acid washed vest looks great with those slashed bleached jeans. i love the over kill look here. and yes, i'm super exited too with the 80's come back! amazing trend! :)

  20. thank you for the lovely comment!
    You'r so lucky you could go to the beach :D
    and great job on those DIY pants, they're freakin' fantastic!

  21. Great idea :D I'll link you straight away!

  22. oh daghling... you look sooooo adorable and stunning as much!
    love your style! and oh, what a cute nails! lol. :D

    of course i'm up for those exchange link thingy, dear.
    i'll link you right away, okay?


  23. lol I was just listening to Smells like teen spirit haha. What a coinky-dink no?

    Love love love your outfit. Bleach bleach bleach. GAH i need to hop onto this bleach bandwagon too. Serious hot stuff right here haha

    So sorry to hear about the camera being invaded by sand yuckies. Mine too :( I've just got my fingers crossed it doesn't conk out on me. I'd feel freakin annoyed too.

    Dollface! That has to be one of the loveliest things anyone could say about my blog. THANKYOU.

    So glad to see you back.

    Have a lovely tues :)

    Eeli xx

  24. Hi eden!
    I totaly adore your outfit! i mean your nails and trousers and your denim jacket! i really need to get a denim jacket.
    Seems like you had lots of fun on vacation!
    i'll follow your blog ;)


    honey i missed you too babeeee! great fun holiday yes yes? ;]

    gros bisous!

  26. how was your holiday??

    i reeeeeeeeallly like ur outfit!!!

  27. Heya gorgeous girl,
    Love the DIYed jeans, they are fab! The shoes look awesome too (but I can't see em clearly :/)

    p.s. I spot the twinsies studded bracelet ;) Love it, haha.

  28. yay, you're back!! Loving those jeans..loving the whole look :-)

  29. hope you enjoyed your trip! Would love to see some pics from the trip.
    love those jeans..so cool.

  30. Hey Eden, I just discovered your blog and I got all excited because you must be the first cebuana blogger I know of, other than myself. What radio station do you work at? I used to work for Y101 but that was a loooooong time ago. Love your blog!

  31. Woohoo I want to see pictures from your trip :)

  32. Those nails are just the cherry on the top.

    juliet xxx

  33. Ah, you look amamzing! I love your nails!

    The beach I went to was in Israel and it was pretty warm!

  34. welcome back, darling!

    i'm glad that your friend like my fashion style. pls say my ''hi'' to her/him.
    i love your DIY bleached jeans and that studded bracelet!
    huh! bad news about what happened to your cam!

  35. Thanks for visiting my blog!! =) The print is really not as crazy as it appears in the photos. I don't know exactly how to descibe it, but it's definitely pretty.

    I love your jeans...they look amazing! I love the yellow nail polish too! :)


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