A Very 80's Love Affair

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MY love affair with the 80's is a very open secret, and i am unabashingly proud in admitting it. More than just the fashion (which we all know is making a humongous comeback in more recent times) itself, I am simply in love with the era, and if i could do anything--sell my soul, perhaps (or not, lol? i'm srsly considering it though. hahaha.)--just to go back and get to live the peak of my life in the 80's, i would do it in a heartbeat. The spirit and the feel of the times, the celebrations when discovering new technologies alien to them--there is a very puritan and surreal spirit amidst all the craziness, all those mullets, and all the neon. You call it the 80's, I call it love. Cheesy, but true.

The 80's will of course not be the 80's if not for the free-spirited individuals who defined the decade with their own dose of passion-their music. I am personally a major follower of new wave and a lot of other 80's acts in general... and i don't care if I am branded "old school", because I really am and it feels f**king good. They not only dictated the course of music (introducing electronica to the world), but their influences reach far and wide, becoming essentially the very root of the modern style movement.

That said, here are some of those who deserve the highest of accolades:


So what happens when you cross two schoolgirls and one androgyny-lovin' bloke? You get Susan Sulley, Joanne Cutherall and Phil Oakey, the trio behind The Human League. They electrorocked the 80's with hits like "Fascination", "Don't You Want Me Baby?" and my favoritest of the faves, "Human". I personally feel that they were gravely underappreciated for the fantastic talent that they had. and i'll always love the girls (and Phil) for that intense 80's eye makeup (again, huge comeback!). They are certainly never absent in any of my playlists.


No superfluous adjectives or "great" and fantastic" can ever go as near in describing the genius that is David Bowie. And if you really don't have a clue who he is, i seriously have to ask you where and under what rock do you live in. 136 million records. Ziggy Stardust. Let's Dance. Making androgyny look really sexy. Married to Iman (!!!). Let's face it, the man is king.


Who didn't have a crush on or didn't want to be Ann and Nancy Wilson way back in the day (or even now)? Incredibly beautiful and with amazing pipes to boot, the girls totally rocked with "Barracuda" and "These Dreams", and people can't get over "Alone" just yet (trust me, it remains to be one of the most requested in our station). Oh, and one thing: they made shoulder pads really hot. Go figure.


Definitely one of the most underappreciated acts of the 80's. Loop " I Ran (So Far Away)" and "The More You Live, The More You Love" and you'll certainly get to hear what I mean.


Not exactly a humongo fan of Kim and Sheena, but i feel that props are due to them for being in a decade where seemingly only a throne for one IT female popstar was present. Of course both were incredibly beautiful and talented-Kim had that signature throaty and raspy voice, whereas Sheena had an innocent and high-ranged voice- but unfortunately the 80's was all about Madge (as much as we'd like to deny it), and up until now, she never lets us forget it. Like ever.

And this post cannot be complete without the original badass rock chick, way before all our favorite muses glamorized rock n' rollin and glam trashin' (and way before Taylor Momsen made it "cute"... sorry Taylor), giving you THE goddess, Debbie Harry...

We all wanted to be her, and we definitely all wanted the fringe hair. Here she is with good friend and one of the most unparalleled artists of his generation, Stephen Sprouse:

Being one of the most iconic rock figures of our time, she also heralded one of the most era-defining covers, designed by her good friend, the late Stephen Sprouse. "Rockbird" was the most open declaration that Debbie IS Blondie:

And being chosen as the cover art for the definitive book "1000 Albums to Hear Before You Die" says it all. R.I.P. Stephen, you fkin' rock.

Your thoughts?

P.S. Sorry for letting the day pass sans outfit post---things are getting quite hectic here as we're facing the start of a very long vacation week. Everyone's scrambling about to buy last minute supplies, sunblocks and bikinis.. I'm heading over to a place called Bantayan Island for a whole week of fun in the sun... I SWEAR to update on a daily basis. Hope my tan turns out well!


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  1. ehhh
    not my most favorite eras.
    interested to see what will follow it.
    will it be the regression from the extreme like how the 90s were to the 80s?

    But bowie... mmmm <3

  2. Whenever I think of the 80s, Madonna always comes to mind, but I don't really listen to her music. Instead, I listen to Nirvana and other bands. LOL.

    Btw, I'm from Iloilo, and I would love to exchange links. :)

    You look great in the previous post's outfit. Gray is one of my favorite colors, and your blazer is making me drool.

  3. ha ha, oh my what a flood of memories...the eighties were fun for sure, hello eyeliner and neon!!!

  4. Hmmm yeah i adore David bowie!!!

  5. 80s music fan here too! the colors - lots and lots of colors - Like Tanya of Captivateme I too am having floods of memories - good ones of course. Have a great week E!

  6. 80s is not one of my favorites. Actually it's as far as it gets from them. But born in the 80s might just mean that I have no idea what it really was.

    juliet xxx

  7. We most definitely are soul sisters. If I had a time machine, I would most definitely go to the 80s...

  8. if only guys still walked down the street in mesh shirts...
    ps. does exchanging links mean that we put each other's blogs on our blogrolls?

  9. Daivd Bowie is my husband hah! He is so great that I dedicated my blog to him. So amazing, Iman is a lucky girl. Or is Bowie a lucky guy...?

  10. When I think of hte 80's the first thing that comes to mind os old school music. But, Bowie = Waaaaah! He is beyond using real words.

  11. Yes, I love the 80's music!!! David Bowie is one of my favorites and I haven't heard of the others so I'm definitely going to to check out their music. Thank you for sharing them! I really enjoyed your take on them! xxoxoxo

  12. I love 80's music too.I even had an 80's birthday party, I'm always hoping for an 80's comeback. And i love David Bowies voice so mystirious! (GRR I spelled that wrong)

  13. I love the 80s!

    I'm just starting out with with my blog and am hoping it will turn into something about Melbourne teen fashion... I'd love you to check it out and maybe give me some advice or exchange links?

    ty x.

  14. bowie rocks... totally. i love him up to this day:)

  15. I truly wish everyday I was born to live through the 80's.


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