What I Wore: Stop, Hammer Time

5:10 AM

I know, I know.

I was one of those who once absolutely abhorred general early 90's fashion-- I joined the bandwagon that said shoulderpads, high-waist jeans, and harem pants will never be en vogue again. But like almost all of the lessons we pick up from fashion, we should know better than to declare something as totally hot or totally not, for we know that trends ALWAYS come back and no matter how ridiculous and asinine we once found them. The ability to be unpredictably ingenious is definitely one of the traits i best love about fashion, and for that, I am left swallowing my words and sweeping up every early 90's finds i can get. Kudos to a great era.

white tank-Mango
lace bra
Black Dhotis-Yves Identify
open-toed booties-Janilyn

MC Hammer's rise (and eventual fall) was one of the 90's most iconic memories. That, and he made harem (or dhotis) really, really, really famous. This is my take on those ubiquitous harems, basically a black satin-ey version of the one i previously wore (see earlier post). Paired down with a simple white tank and a lace bra, it makes for a very breezy and very interesting outfit for a night out in town.
pardon the "sweat" look... it was incredibly hot when we took this picture. thanks Aoi!

I'm gonna make this post real quick as I know you guys don't like dragging anyway.:) But what about YOU, what are the items/trends you thought you would never resuscitate from your closet (or your mom's closet at that)? We're seeing a resurgence of old trends, yes? I'm definitely interested to know!
And again, wrapping this post up with a big HUG from me for visiting Chic In The Tropics! Your comments and posts ALWAYS make my day and always lifts up my mood. I'm pissed regularly due to the amount of work I have to do (non-blog stuff) but you guys always make everything better. much love!
PPS. Tonight is another installment of the Penthouse Fashion Series. Can't wait to catch the featured designer and his clothes... will definitely update you!

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  1. Those pants are adorable!! I love them with the shoes. I'm very surprised at some of the trends that are returning, because I too, HATED most of the fashions of the 80s and 90s. But now they are back but far more classy and subdued, like the Balmain shoulders which I can't get enough of. Great post!

  2. I always thought shoulderpads were aweful.. now I realize that if theyre the right kind and styled well they could actually work. But MC Hammer pants I just love. LOVE!

  3. First! and i love your harem pants! wheredya bought it? i'm currently searching a pattern for it , so i can try to make one. (i tried childhoodflames pattern for the drop-crotch, but i failed. :|)what is its fabric?

    plus i love the whole look! and the shoes are to die for.

  4. yes yes yes! I love those pants!

  5. AND this Style truly suits You Perfectly !!!! I really like the subtle cleavages of your White top, the way it unveils/sublimates your the nude skin of your Back, very "laid-back sensuality" . . .
    ps: Oooooh YES I think that the creative (and so delicate) art of playing with "stylish mixes" can sound as a way to rehabilitate all fashion decades !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  6. wow i love this outfit. i've tried wearing pants like that, but i just look like a wacky genie lol. you look great

    thank you so much for your comment! it means so much to me.

  7. Smile lovely, we do not want any premature wrinkles do we? ;-)... you rocked those pants!

  8. definitely didn't see hammer pants and big shoulder pads coming back! but love the new take on them. i'm beginning to see that rehashing old trends isn't a bad thing - it's all in the reinterpretation - and the 2nd go-round is usually a hit based on the lessons learned from previous mistakes! :)

  9. MC Hammer pants LOL OH NO I remember them! But you can make that old look new again with your modern tank. Looks great on you!


  10. Got to love those pants!!!! I should get a pair...

  11. i love your style! i must get a harem pants for myself! i saw yves dessigns in stylecebu.ph, they are impeccable!


  12. You look absolutely amazing. Your top reminds me of something Wendy from Hand It Over (http://handmeover.blogspot.com) might wear. LOL.

    Um, I never thought I'd actually like wearing skinny jeans when they first came out. I thought they were ugly, but I love them now.

    Your comments make my day too. They never fail to put a smile on my face. :)

  13. Your pants are great! The form anf the colour are amazing, you look fantastic :-)

  14. I love your trousers and bangles :)
    you look stunning Ms.eden :)



  15. Great McHammer pants!!! lol I like the belt too!! I also prefer silver jelwery over gold. Infact, my wedding ring is white gold, I didn't like the look of just gold. I think it would be fun to wear some gold shiny clothes though, during the summer! :)

  16. Gorgeous shoes! I'm not really a big fan of harem pants because I'm short, but hey, it really looks great on you especially with the tank top!


  17. Eden!
    You really look great wearing those pants! Girl, you got style!!!

    Kisses and hugs for you,

  18. hey ladyyy! i tagged you on my blog! =]

  19. wow!
    i really love your pants and heels.
    look amazing.

    take care :)

  20. love it! and those i-dont-give-a-fuck poses. so fly :). how r u?

  21. I love this 90s look! Those trousers are amazing on you!

  22. Move over MC Hammer! He was nowhere near as hot. You look fierce, loving all your outfits! Can't wait to see photos from the show :D

  23. i love your pants and those shoes!! just to let you know...i tagged you on my blog! :)

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