What I Wore: Channeling Nicole

11:52 AM

Hello dear loves, I hope you're all having an exciting weekend lined up! But whether you are going out to party, or just staying home to chill.. be happy anyway, because nothing truly beats relaxing and getting rid of the day's stresses. It's Friday night and I am still wondering on what to do exactly after work... Well, I'm really a spur of the moment person when it comes to planning gimmicks and getaways... I always love making room for surprises, as things always get incredibly boring and predictable when they are all perfectly laid out all the time, wouldn't you agree? That said, I'm up for whatever options are available tonight.:)

Anyhoo, that said... y'all remember when Nicole Richie rocked this at Marc Jacobs' last year?

I've always believed that Nicole was one of the very few who originally pioneered Style Iconoclasm. Even before today's style IT girls --Alexa Chung, Erin Wasson, Olivia Palermo, to name a few-- she was dishing out the hottest threads and fantastic styling (though I don't really like her much, but we did have Rachel Zoe to credit for that at some point) wayyy ahead of her time. She set the tone for a lot of things fashion, and for that, she'll always be a top pick for me.

I never really intended to "channel" her literally, but unintentionally I stepped out in this look last weekend:

someone had too much time under the sun... hum hum hum...


plain white tank-Zara

pleather skirt-thrifted
gladiator heels-Mario D' Boro

multipocket satchel-David Jones International

looking out the huge window of our DJ's booth... we're on the 20th floor and I'm frikking afraid of heights, but would do anything for a photo op. hehe.

I've long been on the prowl for the perfect pleather skirt since I saw this look on Nicole, as well as Ashley Olsen and various style bloggers. Yes... no actual retail store/boutique would actually have the mind to stock up pleather in their joints, so naturally I only have my favorite thrift haunts to search, and glad I found this perfectly intact piece.:)

I absolutely love the juxtaposition of relaxed and tough elements, and I think this look did it well enough.

Last weekend was such a bust. I felt like the pleather was too much for such an uneventful night. But then again, as my good friend Kristine (of www.stylecebu.com) would always say, best be overdressed.:) Hopefully this weekend will pan out better.


P.P.S. To those who were wondering, there IS a Mr. Eden in my life. This would be one of the very rare times I would speak of him here in the blog-- he is an absolute autocrat and workaholic who would rather spend the rest of his life poring over the stock exchange and the recession and the latest news updates and current events.. yes, he is THAT type of guy, and he HATE, HATES the fact that I'm more in the know about fashion than I do about his favorite topics. That being said, I love the guy despite being obviously from a different planet. Hahahah. However, I still can't help but feel jealous though of some of you gorgeous gals who are fully supported by your men, even encouraged... Times might change, but I'm sure he wont. But I'll be fine.:)

Please don't hesitate to leave comments. You know you make my day with them!


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  1. That outfit seriously looks fabulous on you. I would never be able to pull off a pleater skirt like that, but you do so well.

  2. hello, i've been reading your blog for awhile now..and i'm loving it..

  3. Hi there,

    Thanks for the comment :) made me feel alot better :)
    btw, i love the outfit ah.. you're rockin the nicole richie look...
    I should try it too...


  4. Outfit looks better on YOU than Nichole!


  5. You look gorgeous in this chic outfit! Nichole Richie is not really my cup of tea but I do love her outfits because it's so effortlessly pull together.

    My boyfriend is kind of like yours too but he's more into playing videogames, working out (he's a personal trainer), or watching sports. Typical. He doesn't have a problem with me being into fashion (I wouldn't care if he does anyway, haha) so we're good. However, I do wish I have a photographer boyfriend like Rumi! :-P

  6. I think Nicole has quite a unique style. I think people like Alexa Chung have almost identical styles to the likes of Peaches Geldof/Mischa Barton etc.

    I LOVE your take on the outfit too. Looking good lady!

  7. lovely outfit! I've been looking for a pleather/leather skirt too. they're so great!

  8. perfectly fierce! & don't worry about mr. eden - opposites attract! :)

  9. Hey Eden! Thanks for your lovely comment and yes I'd love to exchange links with you! =D

    I really love where you got your inspiration for your outfit! You look great and love that skirt!

  10. I really love that skirt! I always say that Nicole Richie has amazing style, and no one ever agrees with me. Thank you for being the first! And thank you for the comment on my blog ... I wish bondage dresses were cheaper, too. I'd love to get one!


    = single ko eden! HAHAHA!
    and im gonna go out tonight and partttey!
    will text yea since i think ill be goin out in a semi boho look. will be dagat.nao.

    c yea around!

  12. just a thrift store find!

    i LOVEEEEEE this look, a ton a ton. you look hott [with two t's, please take note]

  13. you look adorable!
    and i feel you about having so much to do . . just trying my best to catch up with other bloggers . . hehe!
    have a good day!

  14. Oooh, m'dear, loving the look. I'm more entertained/excited about the fact that there's a David Jones international (??!!??!! Who knew!).

    And awww at Mr. Eden, you guys sound so cute an in love! My partner just takes the photos for me and lets me get on with what I want to do (smart, smart man ;)

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend gorgeous!

  15. thanks for the invyt!

    may i tag some friends along?
    any reg fees?

    cool blog, by the way
    your life is so cool,
    while im stuck boring here

  16. Eden I love the outfit! And pleather in the Philippines, you are my hero!

  17. I neeeed a vintage leather skirt from 80's!


  18. AND I Frankly prefer your version compared to Nicole Richie's one, I really like the way you decline this inspiration on an uncluttered "GLAM Rock-issime" way, simply Sexy/electrifying (especially with such a Dark Harmony hair/leather skirt) . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  19. Lovely outfit, I have always liked Nicoles consistent style. The white tank top goes perfectly with the tough leather skirt!

  20. Eden, U look good and very fierce. :)

    Take care.

  21. My university originally didn't have a fashion club when I first started there, but one my friends who was intent of starting a club. So after a year of ambition, the student government passed the fashion club to be an official organization for the student community this past fall. :)

  22. Great job with the look! You created it very well. Especially with the texture of the skirt.

  23. hello eden! i love nicole's style and definitely two thumbs up about your outfit! the skirt is fantastic!

    ... with regards to relationship, always remember that opposite poles attract. my man and myself has different opinions and likes over things as well!


  24. You're definitely rocking the pleather skirt. I love how you always look so edgy and trendy.

    Nicole Richie is a pioneer when it comes to style. I can't wait to see what her daughter's style will be like. :)

  25. loveeeeee this outfit on you!! this skirt is amazing and I love your shoes :) gorgeous :) xoxo

  26. Thanks for the super lovely comment you left me! I am loving your blog too. Ahh love Nicole, what a great outfit, nothing better than just black and white sometimes. You look lovely.


  27. Work it, girl! You look great and it's totally your own look. And in New Zealand, the girls kill for a tan like yours ;)

  28. i love nicole and i love youuuu! hihi.

    well we all love our men for their weirdness and such. am sure he's making you feel special in a way you'll always fall for him deeper and crazier. hihi.

    btw you have been linked!

  29. Perfect look - very sexy and hot :-)
    I like the skirt - it is fantastic!

  30. lookin hot!!

    not everyone can rock a high wasted skirt, but you certainly can!! love it!


  31. Thank you for your sweet comment!
    Very pretty outfit, I love the casual tank with a leather skirt! And especially this high waisted one.


  32. totally channeling nicole :o) you pull this all off so effortlessly.

    also, the right side bar. i spot some gareth, martin margiela, and a flock of seagulls... your inspirations are clearly supreme.

    and great, now i'm humming "i ran" !

    xx :o)

  33. hey again!

    omg you look sexy as!
    zara!! i heard they have shops in the phils
    they dont even have it in aus! how sucky :(

  34. You look just like Nicole - amazing!! And I would love to exchange links. I'll add you right now :-)

  35. hi,
    thanks heeps for stopping by my blog + the comment.
    really nice outfit you have here.

    I shall follow.

  36. lovin your THRIFTED leather skirt!! so jealous! I can't find it in any thrift stores in Jakarta! :"(

  37. Hello, Eden!

    I like the pleather skirt with the belt. Yes, it's so Nicole :), although I like Nicole best when she dresses boho. Nevertheless,you rock the look,Day! Have a lovely day tomorrow.




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