What I Wore on Fashioned Out Saturday, and Then Some---

10:41 AM

I don't know about you guys, but I really love this harem jumpsuit. as promised, here's a closer inspection:


lavender top-- Select UK
harem jumpsuit-- Mirror
assorted accessories
Le Donne booties

i've never really seen a jumpsuit-slash-harem combo aside from this one, which made me wonder why its never really been introduced, or has it? i'm not really too sure on this one. i enjoyed wearing it though-definitely comfy and easy to relax in, plus you get a lot of "what the hell is she thinking" stares from sartorial conservatives... which is exactly why one would wear it in the first place. coolness.

rockin' out @ the party.. if you look closer i'm wearing this rad skull with rhinestones? sweet ain't it. yeah, that's covering up really busted tipsy face for u!

i also promised you pictures of "In Flying Colours", the fashion show i hosted early on in the day--i've attached some of the photos i took here, but will most definitely upload the photos taken by my professional photog pal Joseph Ong. more about that later.

for now, here are some of the gorgeous fashionistas i caught up with in the shows:

fellow style Blogger and close girlfriend Kristine Roa of StyleCebu (http://stylecebu.com) was one of the style experts that I interviewed for the show--girl's looking very chic in a dropwaist LBD, Liz Claiborne shades and mary jane pumps-- but her neck bling stole the show!! just gorgeous.

caught up with top young style afficionados Tatz, Tyra and Jaynard chanelling several trends- denim cutoffs, fly bag and shoes-- relaxed yet unmistakably effortless chic.

Fine Arts student Monica totally caught my eye with this ensemble--definitely on trend with the grunged-up denim, tights, graphic tee, blazer and those hip Promod sneakers. even her hair is in on the trends. one of my top faves of the night.

Judee making her 2nd entry into Chic in The Tropics by channelling her inner sultry beach goddess (she did just come from the beach when this picture was taken! lucky girl) with a simple white shirtdress and strappy wedges--makes you just want to hit the shores then and now and order a daiquiri.

caught up with fashionistas Daven and Klint doing Fall tones so perfectly-- Daven with the plum shirt and black vest, while Klint did urban boho in a long black chambric shirt and thin gold chains. and that perennial headband again!!

as promised, here are some teaser shots of the gorgeousness that was "In Flying Colors". Better photos coming up!

the lovely Sharon Angel of AD Models Femme in the Simon display

the top models of AD Models Homme, decked out in various collections from the show participants

Some of the gorgeous female faces of AD Models Femme (L-R): Gwen, Tamara, Charise, Sharon, Jam and Trish

Miss Cebu 2009 Kris Tiffany Janson and Eddie Bakker, both from AD Models, acting out as live mannequins for the Rustan's Collection

Thank you all so much for your generous comments on my site. Us fashion bloggers have to stick together to promote not just what we wear on a daily basis, but the local art and fashion in our area as well--that for me is the best thing about blogging on a global scale, as well as meeting all of you and freely exchanging ideas and opinions not just about fashion, but life as we individually see it. i'm definitely more than open for that.

with that said.. please feel free to leave comments! XOXO

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  1. i LUV your pose! so much attitude. and the harems are really fly. get it girl! basically i'm in my last year of high school, and i'm basically open for anything. do you know any names of these agencies?

    much love

  2. i would love to exchange links. i will put you on my blog roll.

  3. you look amazing!! great set of pictures, as always :-)

  4. thanks, my dear!
    i've already added you to my bloglink.

    oh wow, what another busy day again.
    when i'll be in town, i'll be listening to the radio station were you're working at. i'm sure you've a beautiful audio.

    girly, i love your harem jumpsuit. how's the prices of clothing there in pinas? i'm so happy to see photos of pinay ladies during fashionshow.
    see you around.

  5. Ah, your jumpsuit looks fabulous on you!

    Thanks for your lovely comment.

    Yes, I'll add you to my blogroll. Please do the same!

  6. great entry, I love that jumpsuit so much it's ridiculous

  7. thanks for stopping by my blog..the jumpsuit is hot btw

  8. your harem jumpsuit is a winner! wow, you have full of life! you are always out partying! im jealous, i am at work the whole week and no chance to go out. huh!


  9. You look great!
    Pretty pictures

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog that was very sweet. I just added you to my blog list, it great we get to be linked!

  11. grrr why is my name elise sry thats weird, its libby from www.fashionconfectionairy.weebly.com

  12. Wow seriously i'm in love with the harem suit...so gorgeous and I really love how you styled it. I love the multiple necklaces.


  13. wow those models are soo pretty!!

    ahaha thanks i hope so too :P

    i put your link on the bottom of my page ok :) ur the first of my "cool blogs" list ! hehe

  14. Harem jumpsuit, OR laid-back CHIC at his Best !!!!
    ps: The stylish simplicity of immaculate White truly declines itself on a Sexy/mesmerizing way with Judee, sultry "à fleur de peau" !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  15. Babe! Of course I'd love to link you! I don't think I've seen jumpsuit harem pants before :O but they're surprisingly funky!?

    These pictures are so lovely too and what generous and heartfelt words you left us with. :)


  16. Loving the jumpsuit! Sure, I'll add your link to my roll :-D



  17. I really love your look - it is so cool. And great pictures.

  18. i messed up. it should be two short stories :P in swedish it's called noveller, that's why i sometimes mix them up haha. i would love if you could check around a bit :)

    much love


  19. I have to admit that I just scrolled through the rest of the pics in sight of another glimpse at that perfect jumpsuit. That. Is. Seriously. Amazing.

    Uber jealous! And you rock it out so well too!

  20. Thanks for your comment, welcome to the blogging world!!

  21. I love your jumpsuit. It is so cute. I like your accessories too. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  22. Amazing jumper!! I love your style :) And all of these models are gorgeous.

  23. Wow, that harem jumpsuit is amazing! I really don't understand why so many people hate harem pants, I think they rock :).

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Would you like to exchange links?



  24. very cool jumpsuit!


    you can email me and i will break down how to shred a shirt, the best way i can!

    there are also some good tutorials on you tube.

  25. the jumpsuit looks amazing !!!!!


  26. it's good to be adventurous with your style. good on you.

  27. Thank you for stopping by!

    I love your outfit; that color tank is gorgeous! What a fabulous event =]

    La C.

  28. I've been reading this blog for a of couple days now, and I'm really glad I came across it. Your thrifting skills are really amazing, and you always look so sophisticated.

  29. loveeeeee your outfit!! sooo great!! xxx

  30. i love the boots! HAHA.
    I was planning to buy boots like that but i can't wearit. hhah. And i dont know where to wear it. haha.


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