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8:53 PM

Had a really, really busy day last Saturday. and i mean really with a capital R. in the afternoon i had to emcee a fashion show at a big boutique mall in town (Ayala Center-Cebu)-- the big tenants in the mall were showcasing their summer collections-slash-outfit options for the fresh graduates (March is usually graduation time). That event was topbilled by the models of AD Models Homme et Femme, and again, hosted by yours truly and Patrick Rizarri, a DJ in town as well.

me holding out my script and bellowing to the crowd in one of the stops of the event-just wanted to show you what i wore, more details and photos later;)

I am still awaiting better photos (I was too busy hosting to snap really good ones), so for now I'm posting the shots from We Will Rock Your Wardrobe, a rock-meets-fashion charity event that I attended right after the first show. Organized by local rock impresarios Harakiri Mosh, the event was topbilled by some of the rock and reggaeton bands in the city, as well as other designers. My good friend Yves' collection served as the finale of the show, becoming the event's highlight.

I caught up with Aoi (new hair and all) before the show in this really interesting cobalt blue gathered top. notice the detail:

she said she got it thrifting. oh where where where?!

the venue was totally cramped inside, so i caught up with the girls outside while waiting for the start of the show:

the girls Jasmine and Carmina in a pale yellow pleated dress and long blue striped skirt, respectively

the two muses Aoi and Mari... loving the colours on this shot

Here are some of the photos during the show proper (photo credits: Pringhouls Matutinao of

Mari in Yves Identify 2009

Aoi in Yves Identify 2009

Jasmine in Yves Identify 2009

Maryanne in Yves Identify 2009

Mari in Yves Identify 2009

Grace in Yves Identify 2009

the designer Yves Martini taking his finale bow

production director Chiqz Espinosa (center) with his two muses Aoi and Mari

All in all, its been a really exhausting day, but it's all well worth it. Ran into a lot of friends in fashion, and just had a simply great time. Oh, Earth Hour also happened in our end of the globe--hope you guys also did your part as well.

till the next post, XOXO!

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  1. Ahhh, your harem pants rock! And that blue top is just fantastic. I love the knots/hems. Looks like you had such a great despite being Really busy time:)

    Would love to add you to my links. Done with a pleasure!


  2. hi, there! thanks for visiting my blog, i'll also add you to my link.

    am happy to see another Filipina here! i haven't been to Cebu yet. may be this year i'll try to visit some beaches there and also in Davao. i love going to the beach! we are very lucky to have eternal summer! hehe

    the reworked plaid skirt below is very nice. i also liked the pop of colors here and there. great outfit! :)

  3. @ ida---thanks for the add! your styling leaves me starstruck.:)

  4. oh what aoi wore that sheer-like blue top immediately made me think of somehting

    and yes i love him. he's sooooo nice and smiley and i love it and i have a cruhs on him and his style! haha. never favored erin wasson that much, always comes first!

    god i had a dream once of basic tees at zara (funny), they were hung at different places and all was just love at first sight! one of them was grey and omg the next thing i knew, i saw the same shirt at la garconne. how weird!

    for the love of alexander wang. because he's asian, no matter how american his citizenship his, to me he's asian. and hey eden, we asians stick together yes!

    ;] gros bisous dear.

  5. Hi lovely.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. It's so fun and you look like you're having a great time looking fab and loving what you're doing.

    I'll actually be in the Philippines again in a week after 15 years away! I'm excited.

    And of course we're going to exchange links ;)

  6. Lovely photos with lovely girls :-)
    I like your great harem-pants!

  7. @ ida and agus--thanks for the harem lovin'! unfortunately, majority of hte people here are not that fashion forward---but we gotta take a step right?

    @ noelle and ana-- great to bond with more stylish filipinas

    @ nuha---thanks for stopping by--yes, we gotta stick together;)

  8. Hi, thanks for stopping by. Love your blog too.
    Hope to see you soon.

  9. LOVE what your friend Aoi was wearing! she looked hot!

  10. hey :) cool blog
    im from the phils but ihavent been there in years-
    i didnt know there were such nice clothes there :)

  11. aahaha of course :)

    i agree-its very daring to be fashion forward over there
    but its good :) so many pretty people there too!
    so what do you do?

  12. Hey, thanks for your sweet comment. I'd love to swop links with you, I'll add you now :)

    Also, love your boots and your friend's cobalt top is to.die.for!!!

  13. Sounds exhausting!! I really like the outfit with the baggy wideleg dark jeans and the tan top.

    xoxo isabella clarisse xoxo

  14. looks like you had fun! great photos :-D


  15. Loving all these looks, especially the amazing skirts!


  16. Woah, you seem to have a really intresting life! I've always thought of the radio-DJ profession as a really cool one, like you have to have such a personality to be one.

  17. You're gorgeous and have an equally gorgeous group of friends! I love your outfits and reading your posts!

    I love to exchange links too and already linked you to my blog! xxxoxoxoxoxox

  18. that blue thrifted top is just many amazingly fabulous images--full to the brim with eye-candy :-)

  19. looks like a lot of fun! i wish i could attend a big fashion show. we have some here quite often in dallas, but i've never gone to one.

  20. wow! great shows to have attended! looks like you had a fabulous (but exhausting) day!

  21. I don't participate in link exchanges, but you are welcome to add my blog link to your list. :)

  22. Hi! Thanks for comment. Added you to our list :)

  23. i love your outfit! and i am sure you did great as emcee :) the event seemd so fun dear! so many stylish and fab people there!

    mm for your question: no i dont wear latex leggings outdoor. just wear it inside the mall with air con. hihi. outdoor weather is hot :(

  24. Aoi and Mari look amazing. Great post.

  25. THATS SO COOL!! how do you get a job like that?? wow youre heaps successful!

    Oh god i'm still in school. But in the future I wanna be a fashion/art journalist or Editor or designer or photographer. Anything would do.


  26. Wooooow (notably) Jasmine and Carmina . . . The "Goddess-issime" vibrancy of their names sounds as a sensual promise that their pictures majestically confirm, on such a delicate/bewitching way . . .
    ps: Hope You're Well Dear !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  27. Yeah, I mean if you have someting that you know you do good, do it and don't just leave it be. Really beautiful models as well. Do you know if they're looking for European models? It'd be so cool living in the Philipines working, haha.

    much love

  28. looks like you had a fun time! =)

  29. oh I love love love that blue thrifted top! Why does everyone ELSE find great stuff while thrifting and I can only find crappy polyester sundresses and cotton tops from 1995?

  30. I'd love to exchange links. I'll add you to my list right now!

    xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

  31. Yeah, I'd be happy to exchange links
    I'll put you on my list


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