TubodFest: Making Way for a Creative Cebu

6:10 AM

...gowns from various notable names in Cebu fashion... all in blue

torso detail on a creation by Cebuano designer Ren Manabat... just breathtaking.

...a set of lamps and an armchair entirely created by hand and from indigenous materials

...that's a truly stunning chandelier, even if i do say so myself.

Even though Cebu is obscurely hidden right smack in the tropical equator and in the heart of a country made up of 7,107 islands (we are right at the very center), it is truly blessed to have an outstanding array of natural resources and of creative virtuosos who can weave, construct and sew magic even from the simplest of materials. This province is the epitome of enduring creativity, a melting pot of locals and non-locals alike who seem to be driven by the centrifuge of great art, fashion and music.
Enter the British Council and Creative Cebu's "TUBODFEST 2009", an 8-day exposition aiming to catapult Cebu City and the rest of the province into the global arena through having the best of the best come together in one mega-affair. And they did just that, as per Circuit Mag's article:
"All major creative sectors in arts, culinary, industrial and furniture design, architecture and interior design, fashion design, interactive, print, dance and performing arts, music and film participated and entertained a bedazzled audience as the 8-day fete housed designers, artists, musicians and dancers who will become the city’s harbinger to a Creative Cebu. A pedagogical show that highlighted fashion mavens such as Ray Kuan, Barbie Alvez, Sal Malto and Philip Rodriguez generated impetus on class and style."

It definitely was a grand fete that was well worth every effort, and accolades for the artists behind the event are certainly well-deserved. It's just about time for perenially talented Cebuanos to be cast to the forefronts of their various fields, and to rightfully stay there for many, many more years to come.
**special thanks to my good friend Kristine of www.stylecebu.com for the pics! XOXO

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  1. the blue dresses are just beautiful. i'm also quite taken by that waist detailing...too bad it's not a belt or i'd snap it up immediately.

    i'd love to exchange links! i'll add you to my blogroll right now :-)

  2. ooh, tres cool photos! i adore that chandelier as well.


  3. @ emmy---thanks for dropping in! i've already added you to my blogroll. cool site.:)

  4. @ annie--thanks for dropping in! i've followed you on bloglovin'.:)

  5. heeeey eden! thanks for the comment and linking me!love your blog great pics! gonna link you back right now! xxx

  6. Those pictures are lovely.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog.
    I am now your follower.

    xx, Morena

  7. thank you so much for the lovely comment! my style maybe good for tropics country because i lived in the philippines before. and when i moved to the US, i am living in florida with a tropic climate.

    i am happy you added my blog. i want to let you know that you are in my blogroll!


  8. the chair? sofa? furniture! is loveeeely :]]]]

  9. omg the tubodfest was so nice
    all things you posted are so artsyy
    i wanna see it with my own eyes!
    thankyou very much
    i have linked you too :)


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