What I Wore: A Very Paisley Marni

9:11 PM

Sorry i haven't been able to post as much-- I just wanted to say that posting pictures in Blogger totally sucks. There I said it, thank you! Anyway...since this is the year for the recessionista, and because it was bitingly hot and that I wanted something summery, I dug up something I barely use out of my closet. So here's what I wore:

Paisley dress-Marni
Bag- vintage Chanel
T-strap heels-Celine spring 2007

Wore this Marni turquoise-toned dress out to work. This is totally not my style and I am rarely caught in dresses like these, but I like the dress for its floaty, beachy feel. I am so craving for the beach in this heat and I need something to frequently remind me of that craving. Haha! I have absolutely no idea though as to what season of Marni this dress came from.. I'f you do know, hit me up!

Decided to use my mustard-coloured vintage Chanel with this dress-I just thought that the mustard contrasted beautifully with the dress, and that it also adds that "beach" element to the outfit... told you i'm craving for it!

The new IT shades this season, as we all know, are rounded ones-and even though MK Olsen did recieve a lot of flak for these shades, I really LOVED it at first sight:

Not having the moolah for them proved to be okay, as I found these great replicas at your friendly flea market, as you would any other thing (Thanks Tatz!).. Unfortunately the gradient factor of those shades (what I loved best) was not replicated, but still... totally okay.

in closer detail

On that note, today we went Videoke to jumpstart my friend Dee's "despidida" or farewell party week. He will be leaving for 3 years to join the NS in Singapore.. and for that, he will be sorely missed.


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  1. gorgeous dress! I love the colors in it.

  2. @ tanya--thanks for the comment!

  3. geng! love the way you so bagay with the whole getup plus the headband :) Obama meet MK? Woot!

  4. gengskylooo thanks 4 droppin' in mwah mwah. hahah lagi oi!

  5. great bag!


  6. @ laura---thanks for the comment! hard to believe i got that for next to nothing, then i realized it was real. great!

  7. I love the dress! If you want we could exchange links?

    juliet xxx

  8. @ juliet--- added you to my blogroll!


  9. Thank you for the nice compliment :-)
    Your dress is beautiful and you look great, sexy and fresh!
    I adore your yellow bag :-)

    p.s. I just added you to my bloglist :-)

  10. Lovely outfit, darling! What a fabulous vintage find!


  11. I love your outfit!!! It is amazing!! the dress, the sunglasses, the headband.. just gorgeous!!! <3

  12. I HEART your dress. And I sooo want that bag.

    PLUS your header picture = FIERCE!. Simply amazing.

    Lovely blog.

  13. i love your dress !
    thanks for stopping by my blog . .
    and i definitely added you on my blog roll !

  14. @ all---thanks for dropping by and your comments!



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