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The tropics is the perfect avenue to diversify sartorial choices. Given its limitations when it comes to the environs, the truly talented have all the opportunities to stress their creative feathers and to rise up to the ranks, to prove that even with that said limitation we can still be as fashion-forward as our contemporaries in the west. With that said, meet my friend Yves Martini, the hand behind these inspired creations:

black top, embellished belt and coral-toned harem pants, all from Yves Identify Summer 2009

sheath dresses from Yves Identify Pre-Fall 2009

structured overcoat in gingham, Yves Identify pre-Fall 2009

this season's most coveted--sheer off-shoulder top, and a full skirt in platinum, Yves Identify pre-Fall 2009

sheer detail, Yves Identify pre-Fall 2009

Aoi modelling a black draped sheath dress, Yves Identify pre-Fall 2009

Having been in the local fashion rounds since 2005, Yves has definitely risen up the echelons of local fashion as a formidable designer and has proven time and time again the seamless fluidity and the continuous evolution of his creativity. A token favorite for styling local events and having a wide range of clientele under his belt, he has transcended from being just a classroom favorite to becoming one of those leading the pack in the young designer revolution. He is the go-to guy for silhouettes that are unmistakably classic, yet with lines impeccably modern and understatedly chic.

I recently sat down with the designer to ask him a few questions:

Off the top of your head, who are your perennial design influences?

For menswear, I've always loved Tim Hamilton, Christopher Bailey and John Varvatos. For women, Proenza Schouler will always be a favorite. I also admire the various Asian designers (Peter Som, Derek Lam, Richard Chai, Phillip Lim, Thakoon Panichgul, Alexander Wang) who have successfully broken through global fashion. I admire their styling & their looks inspire me to "layer" intelligently.

And what direction have you taken for your current collection?
I've decided to go East! To Jaipur, that is. also my clothes have that distinct "cabana" feel, very lounge, very comfy.

So what's the perfect accessory that fashionistas should have this summer?
its all about the hats this season! crusher (like Burberry's), straw fedoras and wide hats... trendy and at the same time a great protection against the heat! guys should also don above the knee shorts this year. and avoid the florals while they're at it.
Professional styling tips that will work well on anyone?

* Everyone should start with the basics (like slimcut pants/jeans, a shirt) and just basically build around on that. accessories make any simple outfit go a long way.

* to channel trends, just focus on one highlight piece at a time-an updated jacket, shoestyle, accessories--never wear the whole nine yards at one time.

* anyone can channel a trend just through colours alone-that way, they may already have the key season colours without having to shop for it!

A lot of things are definitely in the works from the talented designer, including a fashion meets rock show called We Will Rock Your Wardrobe on the 28th, as well as a slate of other shows and hopefully his own shop by 2010. Definitely the imagination knows no bounds, and diversity and creativity, as seen in his case.

for ordering information, and for more information, visit Yves' personal site,

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  1. Wow I love the last black dress its gorgeous

  2. nice pics! thanks for sharing dear ;)


  3. What a great post! I always love finding out about new designers--thanks for sharing :-)

  4. THANKS SO MUCH!! thats such a great compliment!

  5. ill add you on mine as well. thanks again!

  6. thankyou so much for your lovely comment dear! you have a great fashion taste also and can make philippines better and better in fashion industry :)
    i would love to visit philippines someday! furthermore one of my phil classmate is getting back there for university (UP)
    the tropical islands seem so inviting!
    if you have time, dont forget to visit jakarta dear :) i would love to tell fave places hihi

    dont forget to collect your awards dear
    it's the second post from above :D please scroll
    or you can try this link

  7. this season's most coveted--sheer off-shoulder top, and a full skirt in platinum, Yves Identify pre-Fall 2009 = LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!

    thank you so much for sharing the photos! his clothes are great!

  8. @ fhen-- you definitely will play the gracious hostess if i do visit jakarta. i'll try to make it a stopover in a planned trip this year!

    thank you so much for the award. XOXO

  9. @ phamzy--thanks for the comment! he is a personal friend and your opinions so matter. keep fashionizing! xoxo

  10. Thanx for your comments!! I have added you as well! <3

  11. I really love all these simple black pieces! You can never go wrong with all black.

  12. Hey thanks for the comment - it's nice to hear when someone likes the shoes I'm designing! I've added you to my blog list :)

  13. i loveee the sheer ensemble! the fourth is definitely a favourite ;]

  14. @ all---thanks for dropping in and leaving comments!



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