What I Wore: Polka Dottin'

11:55 AM

Another extremely hot day, another dilemma on what to wear to work. Unfortunately I can't really wear DIY ripped denim shorts or something (as much as I'd like to, hahah), and I absolutely refuse to wear anything remotely long or business casual-ey in this weather. Yes, 36 to 37 degrees Celsius can be quite a bitch, unless you're lounging in your bikini in some beach somewhere. Alas, some of us are not that lucky.

That said, here's what I wore in this blistering heat:


black vest-some Korean brand I can't read unfortunately
dress- thrifted
patent booties- Le Donne
assorted accessories

quite short, yes, but they do allow me to get away with this at the office. :) i've had this dress for around two years now and it just amazes me how polka dots can be a perennial trend, even coming back hotter than ever for Spring 2009--i've always loved the turquoise tones, plus the tiering--you can't go wrong.

wearing my favorite booties--Le Donne is one Filipino brand that produces quality and affordable shoes that go a long way. Definitely loving that.

shhhhh... just don't tell my bosses i'm using the booth to go camwhoring, hehe!

i have mentioned in my Blogger profile that I'm a "local radio personality" right? Well, to expand on that, i work as a radio DJ for a fantastic less talk station here in our city. I go from 2pm-8pm mondays-saturdays, talking about everything under the sun... alas, not much fashion though. here is my workstation btw:

technical stuff. Yawn.

oh yeah, today is day 2 of my friend Dee's farewell party week. we decided to booze aplenty with this way long beer tower. here are the happy campers:

Dee, Jett, models Aoi and Vic

Went to this place called Calda's where we ordered this MASSIVE 30-inch pizza---i swear, this deserves its own throne over at Thisiswhyyourefat.com... but still, good times, good times.:) XOXO

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  1. Oooooooh ("I whisper")Don't Worry, Your "camwhoring secret" will be seriously kept . . . AND your legs Really are made for "casual HOT-issimes" ripped denim Shorts !!!
    ps: Mmmmh Actually your Paisley Dress from the precedent post is very "Boho Romantic", between "trip to Ibiza" AND "Floral Liberty style from the seventies" . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. I just added you to my blogroll! Thank you so much for adding me to yours!


  3. pizza looks FANTASTIC! Yumz. your job looks super fun :-)

  4. Hi! Thanks for adding me to your blog list. I've also added you to mine.

    Bloody hell, that's an enormous pizza! I think I'd still be able to eat all of it,though!

  5. Hi :-)
    the temperature in Poland is today 5 degrees Celsius, I wish it was a little bit warmer!
    I like your outfit, especially the colour of your dress :-)

  6. great pics! looks like you had a good time too! that pizza is making me hungry haha xxx

  7. @ agus---you are so lucky to get that kind of weather!

    @ nadine and lily---good luck, its a 30-inch pizza. thanks for dropping in!

    @ lily---thanks for adding me as well!

  8. cool outfit and suuuper COOL job. hihi.

    thank you so much for the nice comment. Hope to see you there again. ill follow you too.

    have a great day!

  9. COOL OUTFIT! I really love your booties.. yum!

  10. The high waist skirt is really nice
    Thanks for the comment!
    x Laura

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Sa dihang, the green polka top is sooo familiar. cook out teaser, ring a bell?

  13. dee! :D awww... he's gone to singa? :(


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