LINE TO LOVE. Balmain FW 2009-2010

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We have just barely began summer, but already i'm craving and missing September. The new collections from Paris and Milan are here, and again, I'm starting to miss my buckled biker boots and my black pleather jackets with the zippers... yes, as much as i love summer (I honestly wouldn't trade our beach heat for snow), fall IS still the season for fashionizers. Layers much? Though its not as practical here as it is out of the country, we can still "emulate" our favorite looks for fall, in the very least.

Fall has definitely stopped doing just Michelin man jackets as it has transcended to becoming sexier, easier, and more doable even for us tropic lovelies. Christophe Decarnin's Balmain has successfully done all that, and more, giving us more glittery minis and glittery harem pants and all the crazysexycool 80's vibe we seem to have duly missed (and unfortunate enough not to have experienced in our lifetime) in fashion. Oh, and the piece de resistance- those striking blazers with THOSE shoulder pads-make me fall in love all over again.

Too bad I don't have thousands of dollars ($12,000-$15,000 for their minidresses last season) to cop over for these beauties. Sigh. But then again, I smell some DIY coming up in 3...2...

Here are some of my personal favorites from this season.

yes, definitely! loving the harem and the fitted tux...

isn't this so effing rad for prom?!!


a darker, edgier twist to the omnipresent "sexy secretary" look. rawr

can i so fricking rock this?!

YES! this is so absolutely doable. (i think.)

wohohow. i'll bleed for that blazer.

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  1. fedz, u might like

  2. yeah i already added her in my blog roll,hope she does the same. its great to start a network of local fashion bloggers. as in.

  3. Hello Eden, great to know there are a lot of fashionable Cebuanas out there! Following you as well. :)

  4. Gorgeous!! I can't get enough of this collection :-)

  5. Hey Eden! Thanks for visiting my site. :P Just added you to my blogroll.

  6. @ tanya---->> loving your site and already linked it to my own blogroll:)

  7. @ elyoo--->> nice stuff, can't wait to go ukay in manila!

  8. I LOVEE BALMAIN. i love christophe decarnin and i want him to live forever! haha thank you for your comment, i'll definitely link you, link me too yes yes? :]

  9. @ nuha... yes, i already have! i do love your blog, definitely a personal favorite.:)

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  12. lady your blog is awesome thanks for being my first follower. made my day!!1

    xoxo Stacey

  13. @ stacey-- no problem--- i liked your taste in clothes. understated yet undeniably chic.



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