Cut-Out Leggings: DIY Wang

2:06 AM

Oh Alex, luv, I know I have expressed and have counted the ways on how i love thee, but apparently I haven't made myself clear enough as it is. I have already made mention of your genius (though others would beg to disagree) more oft than not, but let me clearly demonstrate through this post.

First, I thank you for this:

Alexander Wang Cut-out Leggings, Fall-Winter 2009

Because of this flash of inspiration, this brazen display of hookerific sexiness, you gave me this:

and this:

Cut-out Leggings, DIY Alexander Wang
Thank you. Bow.
Cut-out Booties, Janilyn
Alexander Wang Fall Collection photo courtesy of
Special thanks to Vudu Cebu for allowing us to camwhore with extreme profligacy. XOXO

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  1. i just noticed ur sexxxy thighs!

  2. hahaha.. thanks! mwah2x...
    bitaw, just realized nga i havent followed your blog yet.. will do that... now.

  3. i just discovered the love for leggings.. u look cute in this oh sexy is the right word.. ^^

    The ViXeN's LaiR


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