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Way back in the day, I used to be a lot more interested in photography than with fashion. I was a rather chubby geek who adored looking and appreciating the latest trends on other people, as opposed to wearing them myself. I took interest in taking pictures right before the onset of the digital revolution (sometime around 2004), and we were perfectly happy to have churned out 2 rolls of film in a week. Fast forward to now, and unfortunately, like other pursuits I have undertaken in the past, my ambitions to be a photographer has seemingly dwindled as influx of other priorities just won't stop. Then again, this love for photography remains, as are the people who continue to inspire and will always be a jillion steps ahead of their imitators.

Phil Poynter and his unparalleled style has always had my utmost respect. He is distinct for his inimitable use of storytelling in his pictures, oftentimes in a tableau-likesetting where an assemblage of characters tell a unifying tale. His photos ALWAYS tell a story. He so rocks.
Photos courtesy of The Art Department (http://art-dept.com/)

...a distinct theatrical feel is always present in his editorials (don't we love the Prada outfits though?!!)
Italian supermodel MariaCarla Boscono being totally fierce, as always... but in feathers, a salute to an enduring trend

Isn't this editorial featuring Iekeliene Stange jawdropping?
And finally, an ad campaign for Prada... perfection.

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  1. Thanks for your lovely comment. Your blog is great! I've added you to my links list.

    xx, carrie


  2. Phil Poynter is amazing. I love his work! Great post :-)

  3. @ carrie--- thanks for dropping in! your blog is amazing as well. i'm looking forward to more!

    @captivate me---thanks as well! your site photos are awesome:)

  4. that Iekeline Stange ed is definitely unreal! love the studs and hot pink hair: great contrast!

    Great blog! I'll definitely link you ;)


  5. Those are beautiful photographs.
    I especially like the MariaCarla Boscono one :).


  6. @ stephanie-- i know, right?! thanks for dropping in by the way. can't wait to see more of your lurvely outfits!

    @ daisyamy---thanks for dropping in... hopefully more to come from you!

  7. thanks for posting these gorgeous pics!

    Sound of Fashion


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