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11:37 AM

Corrective cosmetic line Dermablend  is reminding everyone to "go beyond the cover" featuring the truly sexy Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest. In an ad stint that is sure to go viral, Rico is covered in layer after layer of industrial-strength Dermablend tattoo primer and concealer, only to wipe it off and get stripped off again in time-lapse. It can't get any sexier than that.

It is still a catchy, gimmicky ad to help generate more revenue for the company. However, it gets your senses reeling above and beyond the actual product itself. How do you judge a book? Booking Rico was a move of sheer genius as he always proves a point: we just can't be flippant with how we judge others based on the exterior. In all the interviews of him that I've read (yes, I stalk him, so sue me), he's very honest, profound, street-smart, and holds more wit and charm than a lot of those than dare to judge him, I'd say. And he really doesn't give a rat's ass about what people feel about his appearance. He's totally my personal hero.

A close blogger friend of mine has been getting a lot of incredibly mean flak from girls in her workplace simply because she really likes to dress up. It hurts her a lot and it's hard to convince her to feel otherwise. If there's one thing I've learned (as someone who gets a fair share of unfair flak myself), it is that you shouldn't be afraid to unleash the inner freak within because of what people might say. You have nothing to prove to anyone, especially to those who barely know you. As long as you're happy and you're not stepping on other people's toes, then do whatever floats your boat. Seriously. Let's all think like Rico and douse the world with our own dose of self-expression.

Enough of the dramz... now back to Rick. In case you ever doubted as to how hot he is underneath all that ink, well now you know.:)

Happy Halloween weekend by the way xx

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  1. omg. this is beyond awesome. very artistic at that! you never really know what's underneath :)

  2. impressive!

    PS. enter in my ROMWE.COM giveaway if you get a chance!!

  3. I really want to meet him one day! He's so awesome!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  4. gawd, he is soooo hot!!!! with AND without the tatt. yumyum!

    and you're right we shouldn't really give a f*** about what other people say. but its easier said than done lage. some are just too mean man gud.

  5. i'm sneaking in commenting in the office so i can't see the video..*hush*

    anyway, i have a feeling i know the friend and i'm sorry this happening to her because she is fabulous and originality should never be a reason to be bullied..actually, bullying should stop (period). like i said ma, everybody has their own version of our story..the important thing is we write and live our own.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  6. I just don´t understand why others bully someone for dressing up differently. This crab mentality should stop!

    Zombie Boy is truly and artist. :)

  7. I love what you wrote here Eden. We must never be afraid to be ourselves so that we can conform to society. It's better to stand out rather than fit in :)

  8. I love Rick Genest! And you're right. He does give the most kick-ass interviews. I learn a lot from him. :)

    IZZY <3


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