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1:32 PM

gifted tiger print cardigan, aqua tank from Topshop, tassel belt from SM Accessories, custom sheer skirt by Yves Identify, wedges from Shopyapi

I hope everyone's doing awesome! I'm sorry if I haven't really dropped in to reply to all those who visited ze blog (molto grazie though) because I'm still seriously trying to to catch my breath after last week's frenzy of events. I should be able to visit all of you guys soon enough though.:)

Just a quick post about what I wore sometime last week-I had this "sex on legs" (the designer's words, not mine lol) sheer flute skirt customized by my friend Yves for an event, but unfortunately I didn't get around to wearing it as I was late for said event (not saying what event that was though :D). I decided to wear it doing random chores in Ayala, because isn't the best way to pick up a nonetheless blah day is to wear something unconventional? Or maybe that's just how I operate. Ha.

On a totally unrelated side note, if you're in Cebu and you're looking to rock out with some really awesome bands and at the same time support a very good cause, make sure to check this out!

Featuring these amazing bands and the band ALL guys (and girls) worship, General Luna! In support of Breast Cancer Month AND to be able to see the girls and these bands live? I'm sure you don't want to miss out.:)

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  1. Love your skirt eden! You're looking great! It's okay if you haven't replied. I know how busy you are so just go for it! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Are the bands christian??
    Thats so dope!
    Im always looking for more christian music
    really like the sheer skirt && wedges!

  3. you look great!! love your hair!!

  4. Sure Im following your blog
    Would love if you returned the favor!
    also the hair is fierce <3

  5. Hi Eden :) been meaning to leave a comment on this post but I can't seem to find the "post comment" button pag wala pa iba nag cocomment :| ANYWAY, I really REALLY love this outfit! I love how you cinched the sheer skirt with the tasseled belt <3

  6. Hello Eden, thank you for visiting my blog and I followed yo already. :D

    really likeyour skirt and your cardgian. you look great wearing them and bet ko yang hair mo. I wish keri ko mag ganyan kulay, kaso ayaw ni mudra ko. hehe

    <3 Maria

  7. im loving your skirt :) it does look great on you , hoping that i could wear such someday. Mom will freak out when that day comes :D HAHA! she doesnt want me wearing stuff like that, totally NO NO ! loving your tassel belt ate eden :D so pretty ! been calling you ate for quite sometime, dont know if we so have the same age :D haha! sorry!


  8. love your skirt! been looking for a sheer skirt, kaya lang wala pa ko makita :)

  9. Love your skirt! I think your friend is right - sex on legs is the best description for it! Lol


  10. Love the silhouette effect of the skirt and love the shoes more! :)

  11. aww thank you po sa comment neu, it touched me tlaga :)) followed you po! :))

    wild and fierce

    don't miss my smexy giveaway! it's my first time :)

    model's own lipstick giveaway :)

  12. You look so Edgy! I love that sheer skirt! :) By the way, I love General Luna, such an amazing band!

    Fashion Blogger

  13. pure awesomeness. as expected :)

  14. i lovee your red hair! :D Xx


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