Groupon's "FabuloCity" Cebu Launch

1:50 AM

empanadas and their famed mojitos as only Maya knows how to do best
starting to overload on mojitos in 3...2...
weapons of choice-connector ring from downtown flea market, hardshell clutch from SM Accessories, and angel skull knuckle ring from Gold Dot Cebu--absolute favorite!
with fashion designer/stylist Lory Villareal, Vanessa, and Groupon CEO Patrick Cuartero
with Vanessa, Shabu-Way proprietor Anton Roa, and Groupon's Paolo Villamor
Marco Diala of Philippine Street Fashion, Alexis Yap of RCTV, Groupon's Patrick Cuartero and Paolo Villamor
Phoebe and OJ of MagTV Na * Phoebe in Lory Villareal
business in front... in the back. haha! backless LBD with tassel hem, Soiree (to buy from SM), DIY tassel necklace, assorted accessories, Figliarina shoes.

I hope you guys hooked on to the blogosphere are doing great. I quietly shied away from the realm for a whole week myself to patch some figurative wounds and get over a mild case of emotional wreckage. Now moving forward and returning with some serious blogging. I missed all of you!

Not too long ago, I received an invite from Campaigns CEBU to attend an intimate launch for Groupon Philippines in Maya. For those yet to visit the site, features daily deals by means of discount vouchers usable in hundreds of local establishments in the city and in the country. From restaurants, bars, hotel accomodations, as well as pampering and travel services, Groupon houses a long list of clientele with discounts of up to 50, sometimes 80% off. As I have bought a few vouchers from the site myself I couldn't wait to check their party out.

Well-attended by local bloggers and media practitioners alike, everybody got to go overboard on Maya's truly sensational mojitos and tapas while hearing more about the Groupon structure. It was fun, really light, and all the more informative. On top of that, we all got P500 Groupon credit just for confirming attendance. Really sweet.

I also got to wear the "business in front, party in the back" dress that I bought sometime ago. I keep some LBDs and other dresses for certain functions I need to tone down for--but oh well. Non-boring event, non-boring dress. Haha.

For some of the best deals in and around the city, check out today!

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  1. Great blog Eden! :)
    Btw, Thanks for reading my blog dear.
    I followed you. I'll appreciate if u'll follow back? <3


  2. Love your dress! :) I hope you're doing better, sometimes we just need a break to gain better perspective :)


  3. i lovst the backlesh wosh!!!! as usual, suya napud kos noak noak... i miss cebu parties with yummu food! yesh ma, i changed blogs coz been getting horrible hate mails and messages and unwanted viewers on the great social nomad :( so this one, its more for intimate,exclusitivity of friends lang like short, mga anyar rai akong puede pabasahon ani, lami ra? -angel

  4. I LIKE YOUR DRESS <3 I really love anything backless/cut-out ;) adds an edgy element to a plain-looking outfit :) By the way, we got the book from National Bookstore ;)Kisses!

  5. You looked amazing and so sexy ! Great blog, care to follow each other ? Kisses

  6. OMG, your ring, babes!!! And the back of your dress!!! LOVES IT!!! I miss Cebu :(

  7. I love the angel skull knuckle ring! It's amazing

  8. I looooove Maya's classic mojito! XD


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