soak up the sun at the sandbar

2:01 AM

I'm getting more and more disconnected from my typical weekend routine in the city. Going out and partying and doing it for years kind of does that to you, unfortunately. These days, I've been travelling non-stop every weekend and every opportunity I get and I couldn't be happier. I thought that my crazy schedule would never allow me this kind of lifestyle, but I guess it just takes a crazy amount of willfullness and equally rocknrollin' friends to get the deed done. No luxurious accomodations, no SURE accomodations at that, but just to catch the last bus or boat to who knows where... now that, that is the way to live. I'm loving every moment of it.

Me and my friends Vanessa, Cedric, Rabsin and Syarief rocknrolled all the way to Bais City in Negros to check out the famed Manjuyod White Sandbar and until now I can't completely describe how beautiful and sort of surreal the experience was. I've never seen an actual isolated sandbar in my life so I was just ridiculously giddy seeing the floating cottages..ahh. You just have to be there yourself to experience it.

I don't know where the next destination is, but what I can reassure you is most definitely I won't be here next weekend.:)

On an unrelated note...

I am seriously such a fricking scaredy cat. Thanks to Photoscape (and Vanessa) for  capturing exactly just that. Lawl.

Thank you guys for the visits and comments x

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  1. Thank you too for the wonderful bonding love! I'm really glad you were able to make it...I really appreciated it!

  2. wow ang ganda naman nung place! i envy your jet-setter trip ngayon, parang ang sarap lang magadventure lagi! =) lucky you have great friends din to accomany you! =)

  3. I went to this place about 19 years ago. So glad you enjoyed it! :)

  4. there's a beautiful red headed girl in the pictures you've posted! I think she's pretty sexy and chic. :) Hihi. Great pictures Eden. I super love beach, can't wait to hit them this October. :)

  5. love this pics!!! Amazing!
    I follow u!
    pass to my blog and follow me too :)

  6. lovely photos! the place looks so beautiful..

  7. makes me wanna swim too :(

  8. i wanna visit that place :) inlove with the beach much :)) thansk for the wonderful comment ate eden :)) ill take it from you :DD and followed you already :D

  9. it looks absolutely beautiful out there! the beach looks awesome! another destination to add to my list :)

  10. Wow that beach is sooo beautiful!!!!!

  11. your post made me miss going to the beach! great pictures btw! x

  12. Aww I really miss going to the beach!

    Fashion Blogger

  13. wow that place is beautiful! looks like you guys had fun!

  14. this one makes me miss cebu badly... :( im so suya geng... -Angel


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