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 Julie Villaseca, a.k.a. my personal hero. Can't get any more rock n roll than this chick
 A couple of weekends ago, I trooped on over to The Outpost to show support for my film director friend Victor Villanueva and the fundraising event for his full-length feature, My Paranormal Romance, an official entry to the Cinema One Originals 2011 Film Festival. Major! To open the event, they screened Saranghae My Tutor, which was directed by Victor and included me as one of the actors. The film is ridiculously cheesy (in a good way) and funny in so many ways and I'm proud of the work I've done. Will share here once I get over being shy about it. Hehe.

Hoooooooooowever, me being the way I am, missed most of the show because of work, and I was only able to take very few pictures (4 in total, lol), cuz' I'm lame like that. It was great to see a lot of old friends in the event though. I also got to hang again with Julie, a fashion school grad and stylist from Manila who also happens to be rocknroll personified and my personal hero. I mean, seriously. We can only try so hard and Julie won't even break a sweat. Jules, the blogosphere needs you! Hurry!

On a sidenote, here's the official (I think) poster for Saranghae:

You can tell how ecstatic I am to see my name up there though it is in microfine print. LOL. Acting is really awesome. I plan to do it for a really long time and, who knows, hopefully be able to collect more movie posters with my name on it.:)

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  1. congrats hun :) and hey youre friend is awesome! loving her tattoos :)) sooo cool ! :D but kinda scared having one on my own . haha :D

  2. Wow you girls look bad ass! (in a great way) I admire your style :) Oh, I wanna watch this! I'm so addicted to Koreans :)

    Fashion Blogger
    Twitter- @thestyleflux

  3. I like your necklace :) and your friend's outfit is so nice too <3 love her hotpants! I saw your photo on the Bloggers United page ;) Cant wait to see and meet you then! ;)

  4. I'm jealous of her tattoos and both of you are soo pretty! :) Can't wait to see you!

  5. gwaps! I'm really curious about your acting gig. I wanna watch :)
    It would be sooo nice to see u on screen. BTW, you girls look rocknroll kaayo :) Congrats also for making it to BU! Show em what you got :))

  6. Your movie sounds interesting! How can we watch it???


  7. loved the pictures! going through your amazing blog is making me miss cebu so much!


  8. wow, cool hair, eden... you guys look so edgy. :D

  9. Love your girl's tat! Especially the one on her right arm. Gorgeous. :)

    Congrats on the movie!


  10. This is for the win! Where can I watch this? Do you have a link? share share :D

    Nice tattoos of your friend. :)


  11. Oh, WOW!!! Eden, congrats!! You are so talented and creative as always. :) And my gosh, super like your fire-y hair and cut, very edgy!! Bagay na bagay sa style mo!! :) Your firnd is looking so badass!! Love her tattoos, very nice colors and design :) Have a great week and hope to see you soon!! :)

  12. congrats on another movie to add to your list of accomplishments, ma! :D

    seriously, i miss hanging out with...and chatting..haha! i'll get out of my shell soon...and will definitely join you in one of the events.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  13. Holy! Julie is so rock and roll and badass!!

    You get to shoot four photos, but those are damn good ones.


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