when cebu meets l.a.

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fringe top gifted by Yves, coin and cross necklaces from Shopyapi and the US, pleather shorts from Ace Boutique, leopard wedges bought online
A couple of weeks ago, Isabel, one of my closest girlfriends from way back high school,  took some time off from working as a full-time nurse in Los Angeles for her annual (somewhat) sojourn back into the PI. Isabel and I both come from Cebu City National Science High where everyone worked doubly hard to maintain As and A+s (the requirement to get into and stay in the school) but we were the ones who frequently sat in our school quad to discuss boys and their asses or make-up while everyone was out being frantic... no, seriously! Don't get me wrong, I never had it easy and I had to work hard (in my own scope, at least, lol) to stay there for four years (they will kick you out if you don't make the required grade), but I always knew that I was kind of cut from a different cloth and probably wouldn't follow a "scientific" path into a future career. Isabel may be a nurse now, but she is definitely cut along those lines as well. Precisely why I love her!

Fast forward to nearly a decade and we are still exactly the same, although now we can legally get cocktails and watch restricted films without having to lie to get in. Haha. I took Bel and her gorjez sister Sarah and cousins TJ and Renee to Bordellos, a concept bar which started in Los Angeles that has taken the party down to the Queen City of the south. If a new, definitely upscale kind of clubbing is your cup of tea then make sure to give Bordellos a check when in Cebu.

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  1. Ganduh ng shorts! Ako ah nalang!LOL!;) i misss your outfit posts babe

  2. love your shoes! hubby and i are planning to visit cebu next year..gusto namin mapuntahan yung bantayan or camotes :)
    following you now, hope you can follow back :)

  3. Eden! :)
    I'm loving your leather shorts. I'm actually looking for one and your leopard boots as well ;P
    I'm also getting one. Hihihi! BTW, I didn't know you studied in Sci-Hi. You are a smartie :))

  4. Love this outfit those shorts are fab x


  5. I'm officially in love with your shoes! :)

  6. hey, girl, so glad to find your blog!! your urban style is just what I need for inspiration! following you, sweetie:***

  7. Gosh! I love and missed Cebu! :))


  8. your shoes are so nice! :D and i love the leopard shorts!so stunning :)

  9. I love this outfit <3 so edgy!! ;)

  10. The DJ is my grade school classmate. It's John Roy, you both know each other? :)

    Oh, sorry for backtracking, geng. I'm not spamming you. XD


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